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PRO-CHR 3x2Here’s a thing. As I write this we have nearly 2000 people on our e-mailing list. Over 800 followers on twitter. 1000s of page views every month on our blog, the Stromberg Bulletin. But just 153 Likes on Facebook. We appreciate that support, of course. But it’s time to make some new friends. How? Bribery, that’s how. We’re giving away a load of Free Stuff. Stromberg license plate frames, signs, T-shirts, caps, beanies and yes, three new Stromberg 97s of your choice – even chrome.

prize_tableHere’s how we’re going to shake it down. We’ve set targets up to 1000 Likes on the Stromberg97 Facebook page, each matched with great free draw prizes. Every Like has a number, from Robin Larripa (1, our first ever Facebook Like).

www.random.org is where we’ll pick our winning numbers. And if your number is drawn, we’ll ship the prize to you anywhere in the world. The license frame winners are drawn from the most recent 50 Likes (eg, 1-50 or 101 to 150) and the other prizes are drawn from all our Likes so far.

Prize winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter, and you have 14 days to contact us with you choice/shipping address. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll redraw and so on.

So…Tell your hot rod & custom friends to LIKE us! The sooner we hit 1000, the sooner someone’s going to win three new 97s… And it could be YOU! Just one more thing. We’re already at 153 Likes if you’re these ladies and gents, please contact us soon to claim your prizes. CONGRATS.

0-50 License Frame winner…                         Ray Combs (23)

51-100 License Frame winner…                     Ryan Morgan (55)

101-150 License Frame winner…                   Justin Hocking (117)

0-100 T-shirt winner…                                    Estelle Bilson-Booker (77)

Terms & Conditions? Not many. You must be Liking Stromberg97 on Facebook at the time of claiming your prize. Prizes aren’t negotiable. I’m in charge. And one more thing. We do check our Likers so don’t ask your mom, your Aunt Bessie and all 56 nephews to Like us just to up your chances. That’s plain greedy. And a touch sad…

4 thoughts on “www.facebook.com/stromberg97 Monster Give-away!

  1. Hello Stromberg Folks, what an excellent give away! I can’t wait to get my chrome 97s. I have a 1948 237 Flathead at our local machine shop, D&D Performance, Chesterville, ON Canada. I haven’t bought the auto yet but I intend to get a 1930s sedan tudor and drop the flathead in it with navarro heads and offenhauser intake and those beautiful chrome 97s on top. I’ve been planning this rod since I was a kid. Now I’m building my dream garage 27×41, 22 foot catherdal ceiling, u-shaped loft and 2 post vehicle lift. On the mail floor I’ll have a machine shop, welding area, lift/working area and storage. On the loft one side will be a work out area and the other the man cave. The man cave will have a wood stove, 60′ tv, lounging area, drafting table and large table with chairs. My dream plan is I’m doing all this so I can take my ride to the Salt Flats in Utah and race in the Flathead category. It’s going to be freaggin awesome! So with all that, cash is tight! Man, winning those 97s would be the cherry on top of my dream! At any rate, way to go Stromberg!!! Good on ya!

    • Hey thanks Jeff. I’m building a home garage myself right now – not as crazy as yours, but we have a pretty good R&D/hobby shop at work here. Keep that dream alive!

  2. What could possibly be wrong with you giving away 3 of those terrific 97 carbs. I have 2 of them on my flathead that powers my ’37 Ford coupe. After experiencing what a perfect 97 will run like any future projects will automatically have your new 97’s included in the build. I definitely like your product.

    Frank Burrell

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