Who’s Who at the Antique Nats?

You meet at all the best folks at a Stromberg show booth. Look who rocked up to to meet us at this year’s Antique Nats.

Robert and Suzanne Williams. Don’t know who Bob Williams is? Where have you been…in prison? Google him…you won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, we’ve added a picture we found of Dick’s ’32 roadster and Suzanne’s ’34 Tudor – chopped (many years ago), by new Stromberg Team Member Rick Pearmain.

Cigar Larry McCullough, who has new Stromberg 97s on all his hot rods.

Dick Flint and Dick Winfield. Dick Flint’s bright red track nosed 1929 Ford Model A roadster needs little introduction, but here’s a pic anyway. The Glendale Sidewinders member had Valley Custom form the distinctive nose and pan,helping it run 143mph at the lakes. The car was restored by Don Orosco, winning the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Hot Rods Class in 1999.

Ray Salmon, who we caught installing stacks on his new Stromberg 97s at the Antique Nationals. He said his little Model A Roadster ran better than ever with new 97s  – and right out of the box, too.

Click on the small pictures for the slideshow.


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