New Stromberg TwoStep fuel lines

Designed by us and manufactured exclusively for Stromberg, the TwoStep range combines clean, simple looks with leak-free construction and simple installation. The  1/4inch 304 stainless steel lines are bent on a smart CNC tube-bender for real accuracy and consistency, proving more than enough fuel flow, even on the 3×2 manifolds. We’ve retained the traditional Ford Nut compression fittings of course. And our unique stainless tee-pieces (shaped to match the throttle stops off our linkage parts) come with furnace brazed joints so they’re leak-free and ‘invisible’ too .

We wanted to offer the look and quality of a hand made, one-off piece, at an affordable price, but with almost every manifold for 97s putting the carburetors and fuel pump in a different place, it was quite a challenge. Suffice to say, that like every piece, we do, we carefully CAD modelled everything before manufacture so you’ve got no linkage clearance worries (typical with banjo fittings, for example), and a lot more flexibility, especially in 3×2 progressive linkage applications. Naturally, every Stromberg TwoStep fuel line comes with full instructions, but further help is available via the Stromberg Tech Center at

At launch, the range covers five Ford flathead applications, for intakes and fuel pumps that are available brand new. There are lines available for the Offenhauser 2×2 regular – the 1090 intake – with the 59A or the 11A ‘pepper pot’ type fuel pumps. The Offy 1075 intake 2×2 for 8BA engines. And also the Edelbrock 1108 3×2 intake for 59A engines up to 1948 – again with two different fuel pump types.

More are planned, as development funds become available! You’ll find all these on our website  – click for Linkage & fuel delivery. And click on the pics above to view full size.

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