The ultimate Stromberg shop sign

Parents aren’t supposed to love one child more than the rest, but we love this sign above all our others. Well, for this week at least. Authorized Stromberg Carburetor 97 Sales & Service. It’s the only sign you’ll find outside Stromberg HQ – waving in the icy winter breeze under an early cast Model A Ford front fender brace, with a chopped up headlamp bar as the top brace. This was a prototype, by the way. Yours won’t say Bendix at the top as we didn’t want to tread on anyone’s toes. It’s heavy duty profile-cut steel – left to rust, of course. It’s 20 inches diameter with two hanging lugs at the top. And it’s 99.95 – dollars or pounds (inc UK VAT). How cool can a shop sign get? Santa Claus is comin’ to town. Here’s the link to our online store page. Treat yourself!

2 thoughts on “The ultimate Stromberg shop sign

    • Hi Cleve, Sorry we don’t have any currently. If we get more in again we will let everyone know. I will add you to our emailing list. Thanks.

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