HOP UP with Stromberg !!

Free with subscriber issues of HOP UP magazine Volume 14, Number 2. Your ‘HOP UP with STROMBERG’ water slide decal. It’s not a sticker, of course, so make yourself comfortable and watch along with Stromberg graphic design guru Jason Krzmarzick as he teaches us all the lost art of applying a water slide decal. It looks great on just a plain piece of glass. Imagine how crazy it will be snuck up in corner of the back window in your hopped up hot rod coupe?

After you’ve watched it, you might enjoy another Stromberg video from the wide range we have saved on the Vimeo website. Might be the best boxed set you’ve ever binged on…..

Didn’t subscribe to HOP UP? DIdn’t get your decal? Feel you’re missing out? You better email us at sales@stromberg-97.com and ask how you can get your own water slide… We’re still working that one out…

Bob Bleed loves Stromberg 97 !

We consider ourselves very fortunate here at Stromberg 97 Carburetor to have so many great folks out there who really appreciate what we do, and tell us! We feel that goodwill every day through the great feedback we get on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and here on our blog. And it keeps us moving forward, developing new stuff and improving our current product range too. Our buddy (the Mad Fabricators guy) Piero De Luca got together with Bobby Bleed (Midwest Fabrication) recently. They put this together without our knowledge, posted it up on our Vimeo channel and then sent it to us yesterday. These kind words from a guy like Bobby, and Piero’s awesome creative work to get it done, made us all feel 10 feet taller. Thanks guys. We appreciate it. You are the best. You really are. Seriously. No, really. You guys. We love you.