Stromberg 97 tattoos

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 17.53.51Saw a particularly crazy – and big – tattoo of a Stromberg 97 carburetor last week. so I thought we’d have a quick round-up of the Stromberg 97 tattoos we’ve seen so far. It’s interesting how different artists interpret the iconic 97 design differently, putting their own slant on it – from a more accurate, technical design to the almost art deco look of the Juha Lensu (Raining Blood Tattoo in Finland) piece above. I wonder what the original Stromberg draftsmen would make of this if we could go back to 1933 and show them these?!  It’s pretty far out that people like Stromberg stuff so much they want to ink it on their bodies for ever. So huge respect to all those who do. If you know of any others, please let us know!

Stop Press.  We’ve had a few new pics sent in to add to the 97 Tattoo Gallery. Matt Petersen’s arm has a 97 with an SP Top. Ahron Jeffree’s leg boasts this wild Hardcore piece with flames. Steve Shepard’s laurel leaf 97 design was inked by Bud Garo at Spyglass Tattoo in Manchester, NH, USA. And Randy Martinez told us, “This is one I got about four years ago on my ribs. Looks distorted because the way had to hold my arm to take picture, but it’s the center carb of my three-two set up on my 1928 A sedan.” That leaves Ryan Drumm with the other complete carb.