Stromberg 6×2 Sports Rod!

photo redHow much do we love a 1950’s Sports Rod?!  And what better than a Chevy powered Sports Rod with six 97s? Scooter Gabel send us some pictures of the Wright Special that he’s currently restoring back to its former glory and, as you can see, it’s pretty complete considering it’s over 50 years since young Johnny Wright put it together. According to this August 1960 Hot Rod Magazine feature, it had a bored and stroked 328 inch ’57 Corvette motor with an Edelbrock Stromberg 6×2 intake, an aluminum hand-formed body and a Halibrand quick-change rear end. Sadly the induction system was missing, but the intake appears to be an Edelbrock ML C67 so Scooter’s on the hunt for one right now.

He also says that the car’s craftsmanship and build quality is far beyond anything from the mid ’50s he’s been around before, and it has timing tags from El Mirage at 143+ MPH, so that speaks volumes for the car! I am sure we’ll see more pics when she’s back on the track.