Stromberg inlet thread fix

photo (1)“Help, I bought a new Stromberg inlet valve (S-jet 9564K) and it is too small to fit the inlet hole on the carb body”. It’s a rare email to our tech email address, but we have had a few lately. Sadly these are old Stromberg carbs that have been retro-fitted with bigger inlet valves – a regular fix back in the day for wrecked threads. People would drill the old 7/16th thread out and retap it for half inch. I guess bigger threaded needle and seats were available back then, though we have never seen an original Ford or Stromberg drawing for a casting or inlet valve with a half inch thread.

Good news is, our best buddy Max Musgrove at 97-Express sells a clever brass insert that will reduce your oversize inlet valve hole down to the correct 7/16th. They’re not expensive and will fix your carbs back to the correct size. The threads on the insert are 9/16″-18 OD. and 7/16″-24 ID. (standard). The carb needs to be drilled 33/64” and tapped 9/16″-18. Max uses a fixture for the bowl and spotfaces the gasket surface at the same time.

Cost is just $14.00 each for the bush. Or $30.00 if he does the repair (recommended!), as long as the carb has been stripped. This also includes spotfacing the jet plug and powervalve surfaces as well. Think. No leaks!  Here are the contact details you need.

Max Musgrove
1173 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City
UT 84105-1815

(801) 301-6114