Phenolic spacers for Strombergs

DSC_0310Well, we promised a summer of new product launches and it continues with traditional phenolic spacers for your Stromberg 97 carburetors, plus a complementary extended intake manifold stud kit.

Tried buying a ‘real’ phenolic spacer lately? Truth is, the real old-school phenolics are becoming harder to find and those orange colored plastic spacers we’re seeing for sale just don’t seem right on a traditional hot rod, if you ask us.

Manufactured in California, USA exclusively for us here at Stromberg Carburetor, the new 1/4in spacers are cut from Natural Canvas Grade C Phenolic sheet with the classic brown color. The full kit (part number 39447K) includes two gaskets – used above and below the spacer – and work with 97s and other 3-bolt, 2-barrel carburetors like the Holley and Edelbrock 94s, of course..

Made from layers of canvas impregnated with synthetic resin binder, the benefits of phenolic sheet for carburetor spacers are well documented. Reducing heat transfer from the intake manifold to the carburetor, they can promote a cooler, denser fuel mixture for more horsepower. If you live in a hot climate and suffer from fuel percolation, you’ll be well acquainted with the heat insulation benefits too. If you’ve got a two-barrel carb with an aluminum base casting, these should really help.

Carb spacers need extra long intake studs of course, so we’ve also launched an extended manifold stud kit (Part number 89067-E) – three 1/4in longer studs with stainless steel nuts and lock washers.

39447K    Phenolic carburetor spacer – 1/4in   US$25.95    £16.63 + tax

89067-E   Extended manifold stud kit.              US$13.95    £8.29 + tax

Stromberg phenolic carburetor spacers and extended intake manifold stud kits are available now from our worldwide Genuine Stromberg dealer network, and help with installation is available from Stromberg by email or via the Stromberg Tech Center at