Lone Star Round Up 2018



Pin stripped deck lid

The Lone Star Round Up in Austin, Texas is a cool event in anyone’s language. And for 2018, it didn’t disappoint. Ok, it was cool in every sense, this year. In fact, it was cold as hell on the Saturday, which for Texas is kinda weird. But everyone toughed it out and got on with it. There is so much to see and do at the Round Up, but it was no surprise that the indoor vendors were busiest! The swap meet guys sold out every glove they had, from welding gauntlets to Michael Jackson style white woollies. And the musicians did their bit in fingerless mittens to keep the crowd entertained.


As usual for the Lone Star, there was a great display of Stromberg carburetors on all sorts of cool cars. And we have shown you a few here, along with some other cars which caught our eye. Especially pleasing for us was the Summit Racing truck highlighting Stromberg carburetors and other parts as part of their flathead engine display board. This year’s Stromberg Pick went to Kenny Emberley’s 1932 Ford coupe from Alexandia, Louisiana. That’s his funky old red and white interior in the pics below. All in all, another great event and yet more Stromberg friends made.




Bayou Round Up 2016


The Bayou Round Up in Lafayette, LA was on Stromberg’s radar last year, especially when the music line-up as announced. But you know how it goes when stuff gets in the way. We blinked and we missed it. This October, no such mistakes were made, and boy are we glad we made the trip. So what’s to say?

OK, I’m going to be diplomatic here. If you’re the kinda guy who just wants to turn up, park up, look at the cars and go home, you’d be missing about 90% of the fun. If you want to experience everything this lil ol’ town has to offer, then you’re in for a cajun treat. The schedule was brutal. We thrashed en masse from Austin TX to Lafayette, stopping for lunch in Houston (thanks Jim Jard!) and at just about every gas station on the way. We tripped out to the Tabasco sauce factory in its own island gardens, sculpted out of the swamp. We watched American Graffiti after dark at a drive-in movie. Sank bourbon-based Old Fashioneds at an unfashionable hour, with two more to geaux. Caught live zydeco and rockin’ blues at a cool outdoor bar. Pirouetted with great-grandmothers – in the afternoon – at a cajun dance hall, built in 1955. Scoffed oysters, gumbo and jambalaya, boudin balls, etouffee and deer neck stew. Squashed 10 to a table for legendary burgers. Watched Jimmy Vaughn…twice. Awarded the Stromberg Pick to Speedy Martinez’ 32 roadster. Bumped into old friends and customers at the free Friday night concert in downtown Lafayette. And made new friends for life. Oh and we managed to fit in a pretty cool car show, and launch our (pending) Ford flathead distributor to just about anyone who would listen.

Ok, you got me. The Bayou Round Up was my kind of car show. Personally I can’t thank The Kontinentals Car Club enough for organising the bash, and welcoming me along like a brother. And to all you local folks – too many to list here – thanks big time for making this old English guy feel like a much younger English guy. A bientot!

Lone Star Round Up 2013

P4060058Given how much we enjoyed Round Up 2012, it would have been foolish to have missed 2013. Was there was any deja vu after last year? Not a bit of it. In fact, the more we visit Austin, the more we know our way around, the more we discover. Best of all, we get a chance to meet all our buddies and recharge the old hot rod enthusiasm batteries.  With a Thursday evening open house at Steve Wertheimer’s newly acquired garage on South First, Friday and Saturday at the Expo, evenings on South Congress watching the cars go by, the Austin Speed Shop party, Sunday’s cruise out to Ski Shores and a motorhome trip out for barbecue at the famous Salt Lick – thanks to Steve for the rides – we certainly did it all and saw it all. Here are just a few of the things we saw. Not so much the cars (which you can see in coverage elsewhere), but mostly just some details we liked. We posted more on our page at www.facebook.com/stromberg97 Thanks, of course, to everyone who showed us awesome hospitality, as ever. Next year’s dates will be April 4th & 5th, 2014. Synchronise your watches….

Lone Star Memories

Well, we came, we saw, we Rocked the Round Up, sponsoring five nights of Rock n Roll Royalty at the Continental Club (Austin, Texas). And what a five nights – and five days – we had at the Lone Star Round Up. The event’s been covered pretty extensively elsewhere so we don’t need to tell everyone how great it was. Instead, we’ll just share a few of our photo memories and say thanks to all the amazing people we met along the way.

Names that include our host, Steve Wertheimer, Flattop Bob Owens, Steve C from RJ, customizer Gary Howard, Acme John, Doc, Jim Jard, John Mumford, Clara, neon genius Todd Sanders, Alan Johnson, Wade ‘Buffy’ Monson, Bob, Rocco and all the crew at Austin Speed Shop, John D’Agostino, Mercury Charlie and all his foxy entourage, John Swander and his crew from Kansas, Neil Candy and his buddies from Canada. Old friends like Bob K, Ryan C from JJ, Aaron von Minden, Piero, Joe and Lucky. And so many more I’ve just about forgotten how lucky we were.

Highlights? Breakfast outdoors at Jo’s on Sth Congress (we’re English don’t forget). The Sam Barris Merc – driving around. Riding in John Swander’s ’32 5-window (Winner of “The Stromberg 97 Pick”). South Congress cruising madness. The Junior Conway shoebox clone. Pig Vicious. Firing Steve W’s original ’40s (Stromberg-equipped) Model A roadster. Todd Sanders’ crazy back yard. The dude with a 97 tattoo on his neck – respect! The guy with UNT on his sweatshirt (careful who you sit next to, buddy). And Junior Brown at max throttle. One regret? Leaving that so-solid, patina’d 49 Chevy at the swap meet. And one enduring memory?…Late Saturday afternoon, catching the last few numbers of Wanda Jackson’s set, sat in the bleachers in a little world of my own, warm breeze in my face, cold beer in my hand, just watching happy folks, dancing, chatting, smiling, hanging out, just rockin’ the Round Up. Make it a date. Lone Star 12. Austin Texas. 5-6 April 2013

Got some great news today. Stromberg is super proud to present five nights of Rock ‘n Roll Royalty at the legendary Continental Club (Austin, Texas) during the equally legendary 11th Annual Lone Star Round Up 2012. And it doesn’t get much more regal than the Queen of Rock, Wanda Jackson and His Royal Guitar Highness, James Burton!

For those who don’t know, Round Up event registration is open ONLY to 1963 and earlier traditionally-styled american hot rods, custom cars and bikes. No flared pants ’70s stuff. No imports. No cars newer than 1963.  No wonder Jalopy Journal call it “the best damn car show in America. Period.” Just our kinda thang…

If you haven’t already registered for the event, click here for all the info you need. And if you’re not bringing your ride, the great news is, $10 general admission wristbands are on sale to the public, good for admission all weekend – kids under 12 are FREE.

The event kicks off on Friday 13th April, but a lot of folks get there early, so our five nights  at the Continental Club (1315 Sth Congress Ave, Austin), starts on Wednesday.

Here’s the incredible line-up: Click the artists to find out more.

Wednesday, 11th April: Hot Club of Cowtown for Happy Hour. Later at 10pm Stone River Boys and then Southern Culture on The Skids

Thursday, 12th April: Planet Casper for Happy Hour.  Later at 10pm The Go-Getters (from Sweden) and then Southern Culture on The Skids

Friday, 13th April: At 9pm Marti Brom & Rosie Flores, then Wanda Jackson at 10:30pm followed by Southern Culture on the Skids

Saturday, 14th April:  At 8:30pm Denny Freeman, then James Burton at 10pm followed by Southern Culture on the Skids

Sunday, 15th April: At 7:30pm Junior Brown, followed by Heybale w/ Redd & Earl @ 10pm

Don’t forget, by the way, that there’s also great music throughout the day at the Round Up itself, (Travis County Expo Center7311 Decker Lane), plus full evening programs at Jo’s Coffee – FREE stage – and Trophy’s Bar, both on South Congress Ave .

Stay tuned for more event news and reports up to and during the event!