New 6×2 fuel line solution

9080K-E 2

Say hi to our new fuel fitting. 9080K-E – Extended SuperSeat fuel hose fitting. Most people won’t need one of those – the regular 9080K fitting will do a great job. But in certain circumstances – mostly on 6×2 intakes – this is a great idea that solves a real problem.

On a typical Stromberg 97 3×2 set-up, most people mount the linkage with the sliding rod pushing the back carburetor open, but on a 6×2 progressive linkage, the sliding rods on each bank must pull the front carbs open instead, because of clearance issues with the back-bar. This WAS a problem because on a front-facing 3×2 progressive, the sliding rod (in the top adjustment hole) would rub on the underside of the center carburetor hose. You can’t move the sliding rod to a lower hole because the bottom hole is taken by the link to the back-bar. And you can’t swap them or those back-bar links hit the back carb fuel inlet! You may have seen pics of old school 6×2 progressives with slider rods bent like a big L shape to miss that center carb fuel inlet.

9080K-E simply moves the hose and clamp a little further out to leave a gap for the sliding rod to clear.  So no linkage interference and no bendy rods either.

Of course, there are rare instances on a 3×2 where the progressive linkage must pull the front carb open, and again, the 9080K-E is ready to solve the same clearance issues. Available at your local Stromberg dealer now!



Chrome Chevy 97 fuel line


Back in the summer we launched our first Big Bore 97 fuel line – 9146-BIG for Small Block Chevy intakes – backed by a range of new fittings to make installation easy. You can click the links to read more about them. This time, we’re announcing that all of these – and more – are now available in traditional chrome or hand-polished finish to complement your chrome 97s.

We’ve added pictures of the whole range below, with the new part numbers so you know what to order. All you need to remember is that the fuel block has 1/4NPT threads at both ends so you can input your fuel line (solid or hose) from front or back, and either plug the other end off or add a fuel pressure gauge.

This 97 fuel line is designed for use with our BIG 97 carburetors which have special S-jet inlet valves to accept the 5/16in line (regular 97s need 1/4in line). To use the new 9146-BIG-P with regular 97s you MUST swap the S-jets out for 9564K-BIG-C chrome S-jets. The new 9146-BIG-P line comes with special chromed Ford Nut style compression fittings to fit the bigger line and S-jet, but they are also available separately as kit 9081K-BIG-C in case you want to build your own polished 5/16in fuel lines.

Finally, while we’re looking at new polished fuel fittings, now’s a good time to mention fully polished versions of our banjo spacers (9086K-P) and ‘fuel gauge banjos’ (9082K-G-P and 9083K-G-P).

Our new Big Bore 97 fuel line and fittings are part of the Stromberg Linkage & Fuel Delivery range, available from a network of Genuine Stromberg dealers worldwide. As always, full instructions are included with the fuel line and further help is available via the Stromberg Tech Center at .


New Stromberg fuel fittings

To complement the launch of our new Big Bore 3×2 fuel line (Part No. 9146-BIG) for small block Chevy intakes, we have introduced a range of Stromberg fuel fittings. Some are specific to Stromberg products, like the new 9564K-BIG S jet for 5/16in line. Others are just handy, traditional looking 1/4NPT brass fittings with stacks of uses around your fuel system. Like getting fuel into and out of a traditional hot rod fuel block. Or mounting a liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge. As you can see in our last picture, these fittings can be used with our 9146-BIG fuel line, which has 1/4NPT threads at each end of the fuel block.

Here’s a quick round-up of what’s available:

9182K          1/4NPT hose fitting. The most common hose barb for traditional style fuel blocks. Perfect for the Stromberg 9146-BIG 3×2 line for Small Block Chevy, but NOT to be used in your Stromberg 97 inlet valve (use 9080K instead).

9181K          1/4NPT hex head plug. If you’ve got a traditional style fuel block with 1/4NPT ports, and need to block one off, this will get you straight out of trouble.

9180K          1/4NPT hard line adapter. If you want to fit a 5/16in OD hard fuel line into a 1/4NPT fuel block, this is the fitting you need.

9179K          1/4NPT to 1/8NPT bush. This male to female reducer bush is a must have item if you’re fitting a liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge (which typically comes with a 1/8NPT thread) to your 1/4NPT fuel block port.

9178K          1/4NPT 90deg elbow. Our 1/4NPT male to 1/4NPT female 90deg elbow solves many fuel line problems, like fitting a liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge to your fuel block so you can read it! – perfect for the Stromberg 9146-BIG 3×2 line for Small Block Chevy.

9081K-BIG   Ford Nut compression fittings (x 3) for bigger 5/16in hard line. Has the correct 1/2in x 20 UNF thread for Stromberg inlet valves, but must ONLY be used with Stromberg 9564K-BIG S-jet inlet valves (available now from Stromberg dealers). Regular 97 inlet valves only take 1/4in hard line.

9564K-BIG   A specially designed S-jet inlet valve for use with 5/16in OD fuel lines – eg. 9146-BIG 3×2 line for Small Block Chevy.  Fitted as standard on all Stromberg BIG 97s, it accepts regular 9080K Superseat hose fittings, but for hard line, it must be used with 9081K-BIG 5/16in Ford Nuts.




New Chevy 3×2 fuel line from Stromberg

DSC_0340We’ve been promising a summer packed with new products. So let’s get it kicked off with our new, ready-to-fit, Chevy 3×2 fuel line for small block engines.

Set at 5-1/2in carb spacing to fit Offenhauser and Edelbrock SBC 3×2 intakes, the new Big Bore fuel line (Part No. 9146-BIG) uses the classic 3-into-1 format with CNC-bent 5/16in OD 304 stainless steel lines and leak-free, ‘invisible’ furnace brazed joints. The round-bar fuel block sits down close to the manifold, matching the four degree Chevy intake angle to align visually with the valve covers. And for maximum versatility, it has 1/4NPT threads at both ends with machined 11/16in AF flats so that fittings can be tightened safely without damaging the line. The brass compression fittings (included) to attach the line into the three 97s retain the look and feel of the traditional ‘Ford Nut’ fitting.

Traditionally, all Stromberg 97s use 1/4in line, but for a Chevy tri-power, the 5/16in line looks far more appropriate. The regular 97 fuel inlet won’t accept a 5/16in line, though, so we’ve developed a new Stromberg S-jet inlet valve (part number 9564K-BIG) with the correct 5/16in seat, which must be used with this Big Bore fuel line. The 9564K S-jet, (standard on regular Stromberg 97s) must not be used with 5/16in line. Our forthcoming high cfm BIG 97 carburetor will come with the BIG S-jet as standard.

Prices are US$129.95 and £66.63 plus tax if you pay in sterling.

To help hot rodders install their new Chevy 3×2 fuel line, we’ve also launched a complementary range of 1/4NPT brass fittings. You can read about these in our next Bulletin post.

The new Big Bore fuel line and fittings are part of the Stromberg Linkage & Fuel Delivery range, available from a network of Genuine Stromberg dealers worldwide. As always, full instructions are included in the kit and further help is available via the Stromberg Tech Center at .

Stromberg inlet thread fix

photo (1)“Help, I bought a new Stromberg inlet valve (S-jet 9564K) and it is too small to fit the inlet hole on the carb body”. It’s a rare email to our tech email address, but we have had a few lately. Sadly these are old Stromberg carbs that have been retro-fitted with bigger inlet valves – a regular fix back in the day for wrecked threads. People would drill the old 7/16th thread out and retap it for half inch. I guess bigger threaded needle and seats were available back then, though we have never seen an original Ford or Stromberg drawing for a casting or inlet valve with a half inch thread.

Good news is, our best buddy Max Musgrove at 97-Express sells a clever brass insert that will reduce your oversize inlet valve hole down to the correct 7/16th. They’re not expensive and will fix your carbs back to the correct size. The threads on the insert are 9/16″-18 OD. and 7/16″-24 ID. (standard). The carb needs to be drilled 33/64” and tapped 9/16″-18. Max uses a fixture for the bowl and spotfaces the gasket surface at the same time.

Cost is just $14.00 each for the bush. Or $30.00 if he does the repair (recommended!), as long as the carb has been stripped. This also includes spotfacing the jet plug and powervalve surfaces as well. Think. No leaks!  Here are the contact details you need.

Max Musgrove
1173 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City
UT 84105-1815

(801) 301-6114