Stromberg Project Pontiac update

We’ve been hard at work cleaning the Stromberg Project Pontiac interior this week. And boy, after 38 years in a barn, it needed some! We basically just hit the vinyl trim with spray-can foam cleaner, a small brush and plenty of elbow grease. Then we dug out the old ArmorAll to give it a little shine and protect. The result? ItĀ amazed me. I mean, the back seat came up LIKE NEW. The door panels are real nice and the load area has really picked up. I also did the dash and window surrounds with rubbing/cutting compound and they have come up pretty incredible too. We still have the front seat to finish, and we’re testing a steamer on that to see how it loosens the grime. And then when we get the new carpets done, the trimmer is going to go around tidying up all the loose ends and fixing the split stitching on the front seat too. More news as and when…



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