Stromberg linkages now with kickdown!

DSC_8943Got a Chevy or a Ford with three 97s and an auto box? You need our new 9136K Cable Throttle Bracket plus our new Stromberg TwoStep progressive carburetor linkage with auto-trans kickdown capability.

What’s the secret? Our totally new center (primary) carburetor lever, which extends below the throttle shaft center line to pull the kickdown cable at a point set by the owner. The ‘kickdown’ end has a ¼”UNF thread, which accepts the special fixing common to most hot rod aftermarket auto-trans kickdown cable kits.

Linkages with the new kickdown capability simply add a KD suffix to the regular part number, so the 9246PRO 3×2 kit for small block Chevy intakes becomes 9246PRO-KD with kickdown. For small block Ford, choose 9253PRO-KD. Chrome versions are also available. All KD linkages come with two of our Snapback torsion-type throttle return springs, by the way. We have shown the traditional springs in our ‘assembly’ pictures to highlight a typical conversion from a Lokar-equipped 4-barrel carb to three 97s.

To be honest, kickdown is an issue we rarely encounter with flathead Ford applications, but with more hot rodders choosing a 97 tripower for their small block Chevy or Ford, our new ‘kick-down compatible’ progressive linkage, coupled with our new 9136K Cable Throttle Bracket, is a real problem solver. Just one note, if you have one of the more modern auto-transmissions like the 700R4, for example, please seek professional advice about the TV cable requirements. It’s not as simple as with an old-style Turbo 350, for example, as the rate of cable ‘pull’ is as important as the distance pulled. We are looking at special solutions, but they’re not ready right now.

Here’s the full KD range, available from stock. The new center carb lever (Part No: 9096K-KD) is also available separately, complete with swivel and clamping screw. If you need something else, please ask!

9246PRO-KD – 5-1/2″ carb centers – typical small block Chevy 3×2

9251PRO-KD – 4-7/8″ carb centers – Offy Y-block & Cad 3×2

9253PRO-KD – 4-3/4″ carb centers – Edelbrock small block Ford 3×2

All these new Stromberg linkages are on the website under the Linkage & Fuel Delivery menu. Prices are the same as the regular linkages. And as ever, full installation instructions and ‘how-to’ help are also available at the Stromberg Tech Center at

14 thoughts on “Stromberg linkages now with kickdown!

  1. Hi Clive,

    I have the X1 cross ram , and have your full progressive 6 carb linkage kit
    I am running a Turbo 350 Trans but need a kickdown
    Could you supply all part numbers I need including the cable setup
    Basically everything I need to make this work buddy :0)

    • Hi Brentyn, Basically you just swap one of the centre carb long levers for the kickdown versions – 9096K. You will need something to hold the kickdown cable. I will try out our own bracket today on an old X1 we have here and email you a pic, but it may not work with the back-bar brackets. Back soon! Clive

  2. Clive, I’m running 3 97’s on an Eddlebrock 3X2 intake, 327 330 hp v8. I have a 4L80E automatic sitting in my shop…. that I would like to use on my 48… do you have a kick-down kit that will work for that. If so what part number(s)…. thanks

    • Hi Ray, Sorry but we have no experience of using this trans behind our carburetors. We do have a linkage (9246PRO-KD) that can pull a typical Lokar type kick-down cable but I know that the newer generation transmissions have much more sophisticated requirements from that cable. I am afraid I cannot guarantee that it will do the job as we simply haven’t tried it.

  3. Clive, some added info on my post… the 4L80E was modified and I used it in a 1970 Chevy PU with a Quadrajet carb… it doesn’t have a lockup converter, just a modified computer.

    • Ray, I checked out some more information on google and as usual it throws up more questions than answers. You need to someone who knows more about these transmissions than us, I’m afraid.

    • Hi Jim, I regret that our answer on your question is the same as to Ray. We just haven’t heard from anyone else who has made this swap to confirm it for you. With old style kickdown cables it was easier. Once the TV cable enters the equation, things get trickier, and the cost of mistakes get more expensive too.

  4. I am installing a GM 200-4 R trans onto my 8BA Flat Head Ford. ‘Going to need a kick-down cable hook up. Do you have a solution??

    • Hi Dale, Yes, we do. As you saw in this post, you can hook a readily available kickdown cable (eg Lokar makes them) into our long KD linkage. You can see the Lokar cable in our pictures. Use our 9136K bracket to hold the outer cable. The Lokar kits comes with a small extension bracket that bolts into our 9136K to hold the kickdown cable. Again, you can see it in the pictures.

  5. hello i have a Flathead(53) and a C4 and would like to install a kick down on it i have a two carb set up stromberg 97s is the anything that will work??

    • Hi J-P, I will email you with a suggestion. It can be done but I might need to send pictures. Beware also that it might need a vacuum connection. Thanks

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