Stromberg hits Rodders Journal Revival

So, off we went to the 2014 Rodders Journal VIntage Speed and Custom Car Revival, at the Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore.  For us, the weekend started at the North Baltimore Plaza Hotel for the 55-mile cruise to the quaint town of Havre de Grace. And even better, we caught a ride with our new best buddy Brian Auderer in his awesome green Model A sedan, ‘The Jewel’. What a privilege! After that, the whole weekend was a blur of activity day and night. The Race Course was packed with cars of awesome quality. The hotel car parks and the many off-site events extended the days into the nights. And as ever, we crowd-sourced a whole new bunch of friends. Our pictures are a little random, I’m afraid, and very Stromberg 97-oriented, too. I suspect we were too busy talking to take more (and better) pics. We certainly enjoyed the weekend. Get yourself along next year!.

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