Stop Carb Percolation! - Carb Insulator Spacers & Shields-1Check out this new product from our buddy Larry Fulton at Hot Rod Carbs, Montana, USA. It’s a line of premium carburetor heat insulator spacers and shields, which protect the base from direct heat transfer and the underside of the carb bowl from radiant heat. The range starts with these babies for 2-barrel carburetors – like Stromberg 97s. To quote Larry, “because of the extremely low evaporation and boiling point temperatures of today’s numerous gasoline blends (some as low as 100*F), carburetor users from around the world have been experiencing many problems related to fuel evaporation, vapor lock, percolation, hard starting and intake manifold staining. I can’t tell you how many cores I’ve taken apart over the years that have heat cycled so often they’ll shatter into pieces like a broken glass when lightly tapped on with a screw driver.”

The new insulators use a patented (and superior) material. They’re black in color for an OEM appearance and they’re only 1/4” thick for applications with limited hood clearance. Each has been designed to be used individually or in stacked configurations for even greater insulation. The material is able to withstand normal wrench tightening of the carburetor hold-down nuts and studs without concern of crushing. And lastly, each shield and spacer is engraved with the logo to give consumers complete confidence.

837 – 36th Ave NE
Great Falls, MT 59404

4 thoughts on “Stop Carb Percolation!

  1. Have a 1950 Buick Roadmaster 2 barrel Stromberg. Holes are 2″ and 3″ apart. Need a spacer to keep carb. cool. It gets so hot it burns your hand. I would like a 1/2″ spacer or two 1/4″ if that is all you have. Could even use a shield if you have one. My phone is 727 902 9115.
    Thank you

    • George, Sorry, we don’t have what you need in the Stromberg range right now. We are soon to launch a phenolic spacer for the 97 but it’s not the size you need. Check ebay for spacers in other sizes. Thanks.

  2. My 1940 ford V8 flathead has two stromburg 97 carbs with stromberg fuel lines,and the original fuel pump,on an offenhauser two deuce intake manifold, I am have having vapor lock problems, if I switch to 1/4 or 1/2 inch spacers will my fuel lines still fit??

    • Hi Ed, Even though we have experienced 40 Ford with hot engine bays, we don’t often hear about vapor lock with a stock pump. We do sell old style phenolic spacers which should help insulate the carbs from intake heat, but if you, for example, have an electric fan blasting hot radiator air at the carbs they might not be the whole answer. Plus your Stromberg fuel line won’t fit any more as it wont align at the pump end, I’m afraid. I remember from previous correspondence that you are in Colorado at altitude and I wonder if your elevation or even the local gasoline has something to do with it. Or does the fuel line run too close to a hot exhaust?

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