Racing with Gentlemen

There’s been so much written already about The Race of Gentlemen (or TROG as it has been labelled) that it seems a little pointless expanding on the actual event here. Suffice to say, Stromberg was well represented in both personnel and product, with so many of the racers running Stromberg 97 carburetors, of course. I guess the big question is whether we believe there is change in the air. Have people (in particular an ever so slightly younger demographic of “traditional” hot rod types) had enough of parked car events and will we see more and more of this kind of trip harking back to ‘fun with cars’ – actually driving the damn things. We’re already climbing hills, racing round circuits, dragging in the dirt and dodging the waves on four wheels – who knows what next? Whatever it is, if it’s even half as good fun as the vibe throughout the weekend at TROG 2015, bring it on!

As ever, thanks to all the great friends we met and made over the weekend. Our pictures are just a rambling pile of different things that caught our eye throughout the weekend. For more of the same, check out the website:  and book your diary for October 2 – 4 2015. Wildwood, NJ, USA.

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  1. Have been at all 3 events and every year it’s gotten better. New Jersey is lucky to have a guy like MEL. HE GETS THINGS DONE. Thanks Mel

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