Price cuts for Stromberg fuel lines

DSC_7871We have cut prices on all our current fuel lines, and introduced new ones too – all at far more attractive prices. As part of our relaunch of the whole Stromberg TwoStep Fuel Line range, we’ve spent a lot of time finding new ways to source the parts and the processes needed to make kits at a more competitive cost. And we’re pleased to say, this is the result.

So how much are they? How does $55.95 (or £29.96) grab you, for complete bolt-on 2×2 Stromberg fuel lines (carbs to fuel pump) for Offenhauser 1090 or 1075 intakes? Our new 2×2 RP lines for remote pump are just $69.95 (or £33.29). And you can get our cool 3×2 sets for Edelbrock 1108 intakes for just $89.95 (or £41.63).

We mentioned new kits. If you’re looking at chrome Stromberg 97s (9510A-CHR), you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now get fully polished lines, with traditional chromed Ford nut compression fittings, starting at $85.95 (or £41.63). Check them out on our website – click here.

All these prices are plus local sales taxes, but they’re all significantly reduced. And it goes without saying that all our new fuel lines come with exactly the same high quality for fit and performance as ever – plus full installation instructions and further help via our website Tech Center.


2 thoughts on “Price cuts for Stromberg fuel lines

  1. Regarding your fuel lines. I have been looking for a dual fuel line that does not go to the fuel pump since I have an electric fuel pump. I just need a single line female fitting to the dual fuel line instead of the male fuel pump fitting. When I was a youngster in the 50’s there was such a fuel line, but it seems to have disappeared with time.

    • Hi Chris, Our 9141-RP line should be exactly what you are looking for as long as the carbs are 4.75inches apart (i.e. like many 2×2 intakes). The line comes out of the carburetors into a fitting with a female end that takes the stock Ford flexible firewall fuel line.

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