Nickel Stromberg 97

DSC_9889We had a special order recently for a pair of new Stromberg 97s in nickel plate. So we sent some off to our usual plater and here they are. We kept the usual polished stainless steel parts like the kicker linkage and choke parts, but the main body castings are nickel Stromberg 97, as are all the small (normally) brass plugs, S-jet, needle valves, etc.  They do have a slightly different, yellow cast compared with our usual chrome 97s, and you do see slight coloration marks over the castings that polish out once you get at it. We had heard that nickel plate is not to easy to keep looking good, but the plater said that actually, if you start with good zinc castings (like ours), they do keep their lustre. Anyway, if you fancy a set for yourself, please email us or ask your dealer.

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