New Stromberg fuel lines for remote pump

DSC_8488We’re relaunching our whole TwoStep fuel line range at the moment, with significant price reductions and lot of new products – some available now and more coming soon. Folks have asked about Stromberg fuel lines for flathead Fords without the stock fuel pump for some time, so here we go.

These new Stromberg Fuel Lines (Part Numbers 9141-RP and its fully polished brother 9141-RP-P) are designed for use with two 97s and a remote fuel pump, extending the range to include a lot more 2×2 flathead intake manifolds. Here are the highlights.

  • Fits any 2×2 intake manifold with 4-3/4in carb centers
  • Fits Offenhauser 1090 & 1075 2×2 Regular intakes
  • Fits Edelbrock 1103 2×2 Slingshot intake
  • Fits Navarro 2×2 Regular intake
  • Fits Eddie Meyer and Thickstun PM-7 2×2 High-rise intake intakes
  • Unique end fitting takes stock Ford fuel line or 9080K Superseat hose end (available separately)
  • Accurate CNC-bent 1/4inch OD stainless steel lines with a unique tapered T-piece and invisible furnace brazed joints for OE looks and quality
  • Brass Ford Nut fittings are supplied.
  • Use with Stromberg TwoStep 9241S or 9241P 2×2 linkage

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Stromberg Carburetor, TwoStep Fuel Lines combine super-clean hot rod styling with simple installation. Each kit is supplied ready to install in just two simple steps. TwoStep kits are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. They’re CAD engineered to fit Stromberg 97, 81 or 48 carburetors on specific intake manifolds. Every Stromberg TwoStep Fuel Line kit comes with full instructions, and further help with selection, installation and tuning is available at our Tech Center.

You can find the new pricing details on our website. Click here for Stromberg Fuel line Kits.

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