New Stromberg ‘fuel gauge’ banjos

DSC_8990Looking for a place to mount your fuel pressure gauge? Look no further. We’ve just finished these neat ‘fuel gauge banjos’ which allow you to check the fuel pressure right at the carb. They have all the benefits of our super-popular stainless steel single and double-end banjo fittings, but with an 1/8th NPT hole in the end of the bolt to accept your hot rod fuel pressure gauge. Part numbers? 9082K-G for the single end, and 9083K-G for the double-end banjo. That’s G for gauge, right? Genius..

Just to remind everyone, Stromberg banjo fittings use large diameter stainless steel material with a recess lip on each side to hide the gasket and move the bolt head closer to the banjo. We had to increase the wrench surfaces a little on these models to give us enough meat for the NPT thread in the end, but we still knocked the corners off the hex and rounded the bolt head too. The banjos are sized to fit both 5/16inch and 3/8inch hose, and plenty of fuel flow is guaranteed. One word of warning. Don’t use them with a 3×2 progressive linkage (as the fuel line and centre carb lever want the same space) until we launch our new stainless banjo spacers. Smart solution coming soon!

Knowing your fuel pressure is all the more important with Stromberg 97 carburetors, because you need to ensure 2.5psi max, of course. So if you already have Stromberg banjos (9082K or 9083K), and want to add a fuel pressure gauge to your line, you can buy just the replacement bolt. Ask for 9084K-G. All three new kits can be viewed on the Stromberg website right now, so ask at your favourite Stromberg dealer today!

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