New Stromberg fuel fittings

To complement the launch of our new Big Bore 3×2 fuel line (Part No. 9146-BIG) for small block Chevy intakes, we have introduced a range of Stromberg fuel fittings. Some are specific to Stromberg products, like the new 9564K-BIG S jet for 5/16in line. Others are just handy, traditional looking 1/4NPT brass fittings with stacks of uses around your fuel system. Like getting fuel into and out of a traditional hot rod fuel block. Or mounting a liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge. As you can see in our last picture, these fittings can be used with our 9146-BIG fuel line, which has 1/4NPT threads at each end of the fuel block.

Here’s a quick round-up of what’s available:

9182K          1/4NPT hose fitting. The most common hose barb for traditional style fuel blocks. Perfect for the Stromberg 9146-BIG 3×2 line for Small Block Chevy, but NOT to be used in your Stromberg 97 inlet valve (use 9080K instead).

9181K          1/4NPT hex head plug. If you’ve got a traditional style fuel block with 1/4NPT ports, and need to block one off, this will get you straight out of trouble.

9180K          1/4NPT hard line adapter. If you want to fit a 5/16in OD hard fuel line into a 1/4NPT fuel block, this is the fitting you need.

9179K          1/4NPT to 1/8NPT bush. This male to female reducer bush is a must have item if you’re fitting a liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge (which typically comes with a 1/8NPT thread) to your 1/4NPT fuel block port.

9178K          1/4NPT 90deg elbow. Our 1/4NPT male to 1/4NPT female 90deg elbow solves many fuel line problems, like fitting a liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge to your fuel block so you can read it! – perfect for the Stromberg 9146-BIG 3×2 line for Small Block Chevy.

9081K-BIG   Ford Nut compression fittings (x 3) for bigger 5/16in hard line. Has the correct 1/2in x 20 UNF thread for Stromberg inlet valves, but must ONLY be used with Stromberg 9564K-BIG S-jet inlet valves (available now from Stromberg dealers). Regular 97 inlet valves only take 1/4in hard line.

9564K-BIG   A specially designed S-jet inlet valve for use with 5/16in OD fuel lines – eg. 9146-BIG 3×2 line for Small Block Chevy.  Fitted as standard on all Stromberg BIG 97s, it accepts regular 9080K Superseat hose fittings, but for hard line, it must be used with 9081K-BIG 5/16in Ford Nuts.




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