New Stromberg banjo spacer

9086KHere we go. Another smart solution to an age-old problem from your friends at Stromberg Carburetor. Launches today..our new Banjo Fitting Spacer (9086K) moves the banjo fuel line out one inch from the inlet fitting, providing instant clearance for the long centre lever arm you find on all tripower progressive linkages.

Ever since we launched our TwoStep 3×2 progressive linkages, we knew that using them with fuel banjos was a problem. Why? Because the long lever you need on the center carburetor to get the system to open those outer (secondary) carbs late enough, wants the same space as the banjo fuel hose. If you leave it long, it rubs on the hose – ie, a double safety no-no. And if you shorten the lever, either the outer carbs come in too early (for our liking) or they don’t reach Wide Open Throttle. Our new spacer solves that problem – simply and safely.

The new, media polished, stainless steel banjo spacer uses our proven Stromberg superseat end, with its correct 18 degree seat, into the inlet fitting (original or Stromberg S-jet). And the short wrench surfaces are designed so you can secure it properly but it still match the bolt head on the Stromberg banjo. When they’re all tightened up against the banjo, it looks like one solid piece. Check it out on our website right now! To order, contact your local Genuine Stromberg dealer.

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