New Stromberg bracket for cable throttle – and kickdown!

DSC_8981Here’s a piece we should have launched years ago. Say hi to our new cable throttle bracket (Part No: 9136K), making your Stromberg 97 3×2 tripower set-up even easier to use, particularly on small block Chevy and Ford engines.

You mount it securely between the carburetor and intake manifold (it comes with an extra gasket), and it positions the cable for optimum, bind-free ‘pull’ on the Stromberg premium progressive linkage. There’s a fixing hole for the small extension bracket supplied with most hot rod auto-trans kickdown cable kits. And a separate side arm provides a mount for a traditional return spring – or you can chop it off if you use our Stromberg 9154K torsion return springs.

We have a lot of customers nowadays converting their small block Chevy/Ford from a 4-barrel carb, and many already have Lokar-type throttle and kickdown cables in place. Our new cable bracket, coupled with our new ‘kick-down compatible’ progressive linkages, help make that swap as easy as possible. You can keep all your cables, and even your 4-barrel Lokar® return springs.

While it was principally designed to work with small block Chevy and Ford motors, our new stainless steel bracket is also compatible with most Ford Flathead tripower intake manifolds, (though not with the stock fuel pump). We’re sure you can find a heap of other ways to use it, too. As ever, help with installation is available from the Stromberg Tech Center.

4 thoughts on “New Stromberg bracket for cable throttle – and kickdown!

  1. Hi Clive, good job on the new linkage to make a 700R-4 swap easy. I made my own years ago and sent you some images. I get a lot of positive comments on the carbs and banjo fuel fittings. At York this year we had some magazines shooting the set-up, we’ll see if it makes it to print. 9154K torsion springs are just plain cool. Jim Macione

    • Hey Jim, Thanks for your comment. We always worry about the 700R-4 trans because the position of that lever is critical. I’m always interested in hearing from folks who have actually made the conversion.


    • Hi Don, 6 x 97s into one 4-bbl intake? I don’t think anyone makes one,as far as I know. You can buy the Edelbrck X1 Ram intake though which will set you up far better than all 6 carbs into a 4bbl intake.

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