The 81. A new carburetor from Stromberg?

Over the years we have had a few enquiries about making a new Stromberg 81, mainly for Ford flathead 4-banger lovers. So we tried a little project recently to replicate 81 style cfm flow and performance by sleeving down a 97. It worked pretty good with a strong signal and correct flow, so we are moving the idea to CAD next. We’re not sure a new bowl casting is a certainty, but we can make special size venturi inserts, coupled with a new base.


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  1. Thanks for doing this. I look forward to using 81’s in a multiple carb application. How is the process going? Thanks

    • Hi Terry. As of early Jan we have the bases all ready to go and we are making the venturi inserts and the pieces to reduce the accelerator pump bores this month so we should be ready for launch after we return from the GNRS.

    • Hi Justin,
      We are making the last pieces next week. The sleeves for the accelerator pump. So we should have them ready for sale in March, we hope. Thanks for your interest. We will post up again once we get them tested and in stock.

    • Dave, As far as we know, the original 81s flowed a reported 125cfm maximum. We tested the hand built prototypes at around 116cfm and we are very close now to testing the new finished pieces. We’ll report back as soon as we know. Thanks.

  2. hi just wondering if the 81s are ready yet I need 2 for the model A banger but will be doing 3 on a 270 hemi? if they are ready what is the new part number so I can contact a dealer to order?

    best regards

    • Yes, we are just building a quantity now to start shipping. We do have a small waiting list but you are now on it! We will email as soon as we can. Thanks.

    • Yes Phil, We are just getting some decent stock built then we will email everyone. We just want to be sure everyone knows exactly what they are getting. For example, they still say 97 on the side. We will also share Charlie Yapp’s (SOSS) very positive road test results. Thanks.

    • Hi Ben, Whatever the claimed figures were (and I have never seen anything from Ford or Stromberg about carburetor cfm), we tested an old one ourselves on a very reputable modern flow bench and got 109.6 cfm at 1.5in HG vacuum. Our new ones made a maximum 16 on the same bench. We’ve dded your name to the list. We are just working down the list now. Thanks.

    • Hi Bob, Yes, though our new 81 bases are designed to take the sleeved 97 venturis in the top, so when you fit a stock original 81 into the base it leaves a small step inside under the 81 venturi. It is all air-tight, of course, but we just need to make everyone aware of it as it will differ slightly from the original. It doesn’t affect the new 81 throttle plates either. Email us if you need one –

    • Hi Don, We will email you direct too. You can add the venturi inserts but it will not fix the fact that your base casting will still have bigger throttle bores. So the incoming airflow will be a lot more turbulent. You will also need to reduce the accelerator pump bore for a smaller 81 pump. Thanks.

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