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2502 hangingGolly, what a week. We launched our Monster Give-away expecting a few more Likes on our Facebook page, but didn’t honestly expect the avalanche of Likes we saw last week. Thanks, thanks and thanks again to everyone who took the time to Like us. Some are folks we know, but the vast majority are new Stromberg friends from all over the world, and that’s what we’re especially pleased about. According to the FB Likes clicker, we’re heading for 500 with a vengeance. Some prizes have already been mailed out. But there’s a stack more to be won. Here are the latest prize winners. If you’re these guys, make contact with a shipping address and we’ll get your swag off to you soon!

151-200 License Frame winner…                     Clay Blythe (186)

201-250 License Frame winner…                     Wolfgang Griesmann (230)

251-300 License Frame winner…                     Dan Wolff (257)

301-350 License Frame winner…                     Murray Anderson (346)

351-400 License Frame winner…                     James Antonowch (353)

401-450 License Frame winner…                     Zach Suhr (211)

0-200 Cap winner…                                         Tony Hills (76)

0-250 Black sign winner…                               Derek Frazier (165)

0-300 T-shirt winner…                                      Phil Hutty (246)

0-400 Beanie hat winner…                               Willem Hoffer (81)

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that the 401-450 winner was number 211. That’s because Facebook does some weird stuff on the Likes counter. They say we have 492 Likes. But we’ve faithfully listed every single one and we make it 399. So we drew the last one from the full 0-399 to make it fair.

So, we’re closing in on 500 Likes this week. That’s a cool Stromberg 97 heavy metal rusty sign (see above) ready to be shipped to the lucky draw winner. Plus of course, another Stromberg License Plate Frame for the 450-500 group. Thanks again, especially for all the messages of goodwill and kind words about our carbs, linkages and other stuff.

4 thoughts on “More Facebook Give-away Prizes

  1. Hi my shipping adress is Curtin University mailroom bld 110 Kent street.
    Bentley 6102 Perth Western Australia.
    My winning number is 346 Thanks

    • Great news. Thanks for coming through to us Murray. Your License Plate Frame leaves today. Might take a while with air mail so please be patient! And thanks again for Liking Stromberg7!

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