Lone Star Memories

Well, we came, we saw, we Rocked the Round Up, sponsoring five nights of Rock n Roll Royalty at the Continental Club (Austin, Texas). And what a five nights – and five days – we had at the Lone Star Round Up. The event’s been covered pretty extensively elsewhere so we don’t need to tell everyone how great it was. Instead, we’ll just share a few of our photo memories and say thanks to all the amazing people we met along the way.

Names that include our host, Steve Wertheimer, Flattop Bob Owens, Steve C from RJ, customizer Gary Howard, Acme John, Doc, Jim Jard, John Mumford, Clara, neon genius Todd Sanders, Alan Johnson, Wade ‘Buffy’ Monson, Bob, Rocco and all the crew at Austin Speed Shop, John D’Agostino, Mercury Charlie and all his foxy entourage, John Swander and his crew from Kansas, Neil Candy and his buddies from Canada. Old friends like Bob K, Ryan C from JJ, Aaron von Minden, Piero, Joe and Lucky. And so many more I’ve just about forgotten how lucky we were.

Highlights? Breakfast outdoors at Jo’s on Sth Congress (we’re English don’t forget). The Sam Barris Merc – driving around. Riding in John Swander’s ’32 5-window (Winner of “The Stromberg 97 Pick”). South Congress cruising madness. The Junior Conway shoebox clone. Pig Vicious. Firing Steve W’s original ’40s (Stromberg-equipped) Model A roadster. Todd Sanders’ crazy back yard. The dude with a 97 tattoo on his neck – respect! The guy with UNT on his sweatshirt (careful who you sit next to, buddy). And Junior Brown at max throttle. One regret? Leaving that so-solid, patina’d 49 Chevy at the swap meet. And one enduring memory?…Late Saturday afternoon, catching the last few numbers of Wanda Jackson’s set, sat in the bleachers in a little world of my own, warm breeze in my face, cold beer in my hand, just watching happy folks, dancing, chatting, smiling, hanging out, just rockin’ the Round Up. Make it a date. Lone Star 12. Austin Texas. 5-6 April 2013

2 thoughts on “Lone Star Memories

  1. I sure am sorry that I missed this years show. I live in Austin too. I have a 1928 Model A with a somewhat modified 4 cylinder that includes a Stromberg 48 on a Weiand replica intake, headers, Mallory distributor and some other internal goodies. It is reported to put out around 80 horsepower. Oh and the car also includes air conditioning. The only way to get around in the summer heat around here.I am going to try again for next year though.

    • We’re all talking about how we can get back to Austin next year, too. We’ll look out for your Model A. We have a company project 1928 A Phaeton with a flathead V8 – just into primer now. Be a long way to bring it to Austin from England, sadly!

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