James Dean Run ’50 Merc

“Hi Clive, It was your three 97s that powered my Merc to the 2011 James Dean Run to win Merc of the Year. Then it was the 97s again that powered the Merc to the 2012 James Dean Run to be the T-shirt Merc. So far, over 7000 miles with the tri-power 97s, no problem – runs super and looks better. Thank you again for helping us with the Tri-power setup in 2010 and for making us first for your linkage and fuel line – THE BEST! Maybe Baltimore in September? Rave On. Ron.”

Positive customer testimonials is something we get used to here at Stromberg. But there’s one in particular we’d like to share. It’s from Ron House, whose ’50 Merc Convertible 2011 Merc of the Year was featured on the banners and T-shirts at the 2012 James Dean Run, Playacres Park, Fairmount, Indiana, last September. We’ve featured Ron’s car on the Stromberg Bulletin before ( https://www.stromberg-bulletin.com/merc-of-the-year-2011-also-stromberg-equipped/ ), along with a load of great pics of the car. So this time, enjoy the awesome ‘Stromberg-equipped’ Merc T-shirt and listen to the sound of us patting each other on the back.

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