Hot Rod of the Year – Stromberg equipped !

When you sell the kind of stuff we do, you often get to hear about the coolest cars before they debut, but out of respect for the owners, we try to avoid stealing anyone’s thunder. Check the coverage of this weekend’s GNRS, for example, for plenty of new chrome 97s – it’s quite a haul this year and we’re honored that top builders are insisting on genuine 97s. Michael Tarquinio’s “Second Wind” ’32 Ford roadster is one we heard about, of course, but never got to see pictures until it won the Goodguys 2011 Gearstar Hot Rod of the Year title at the 1st WIX Filters Speedway Nationals, Indy.

Apparently the car was first built in the 1970s then sat for nearly 40 years before Mike stumbled upon it in the rafters of an old Pennsylvania barn. Mike’s Zephyr-themed build is pretty awesome by anyone’s measure. Details include a Tremec 5 speed trans and polished Winters rear end, while the Zephyr theme extends to a sectioned ’40 Lincoln dash, hubcaps and trim rings, a matching steering wheel, ’36 Lincoln lights and taillights and hand-crafted emblems. But our favourite bit? That super-detailed ’57 Oldsmobile J2 motor with six new chrome 97s and ultra rare polished aluminum heads. The fact that contestants must complete a 150 mile reliability run, burnout and blast down the drags says it all for us, especially for an ISCA Roadster Class Champion, by the way. Show and Go… Thanks for choose Genuine Stromberg, Mike!



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