Hayriding. And Tripping Out.

We sponsored a couple of UK events this summer, and both were way cool gigs, where everyone had a great time. Now in its 8th year, the Hot Rod Hayride is well known all over the world as one of the best traditional hot rod/rockin’ music parties around. The ‘Trip Out’ was a new event, aimed at a slightly different crowd, but with the same laid back vibe.

Rather than the circle track or the drags, this year, the Hayride tried something new in the shape of a Hillclimb event through a nearby forest, managed by the Detonators Car Club. Hillclimbing has been a key part of British motorsport since the dawn of motoring, so it’s not surprising the old style hot rods and hot rodders had at it like their lives depended on it. Check our buddy Keith Harman’s blog for some good action pics. The Stromberg-sponsored Soapboxes went the other way, of course. Downhill, but with equal conviction

With a little more of a modern edge to the music, a slant towards two wheels over four, and endless things to keep us occupied over the weekend, the Trip Out is sure to become another must-add to the UK event calendar. DICE magazine launched their September issue on the Friday night. The bands and DJs were awesome. There was a small, but perfectly formed, indoor (in-tent) show for the show bikes, and a full-on custom prize draw give-away bike, won by the perfect recipient. I mean this geezer didn’t just look like he stepped off a Dave Mann picture, he was wearing an original tie-dye T-shirt, for Chissake…by choice…And talk about overwhelmed. Found riding his Boneshaker Choppers-built prize around the venue late on Sunday night, he said it was his ‘victory lap’. Priceless. The Stromberg draw prizes – two new 97s – luckily went to a hot rodder.

Ok, I admit it, this old feller hasn’t had so much fun in quite a while. And to top it off, we found another dude with a proper Stromberg 97 tattoo, albeit work in progress. Can’t wait to see the finished thing next year. Mark your diary for 2013.

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