Edelbrock 6×2 X1 ram for Stromberg 97s

Could there be a better sight in hot rodding? Six Stromberg 97s, loud and proud on the legendary Edelbrock Chevy X1 ram 6×2 intake? Alright, we’re biased…but you can’t deny it’s an eyeful. And that it’s right up there as the coolest news in nostalgia induction for many a year…Yes, Edelbrock are repopping that legendary X1 intake. We know, you’ve wanted one for years, but they were hard to find, right? And yes they were expensive and beat up and dirty and all that stuff – like the original in our carb pictures. But not any more!

Here’s the history bit. Vic Edelbrock Snr introduced the X1 ram six-carburetor manifold in 1958, getting 284 hp out of the hot new 283 ci Chevy engine. Alright, so it doesn’t sound too hot now, but this was 1958, remember. One horse per inch out of any motor was BIG NEWS! Cross ram was always going to be the way to go for high performance – still is – but one of its secrets was the long tapered runners, which allowed the mixture to accelerate at a steady rate towards the intake port. Best of all, it used six Stromberg 97s. Vic even guaranteed it would out-perform any other six-carb intake around at the time. According to the excellent book, “Merchants of Speed: The Men who built America’s Performance Industry”, the X1 was used to test Vic Jnr’s 339 inch Chevy powered ski-boat motor in 1961. WIth six 97s, it made 364 horse on the famous Edelbrock dyno. The following year it pulled 375 horse from a 283ci (!) motor when testing a new Polydyne profile camshaft over at Iskenderian Racing Cams.

So here’s the deal. The new X1 manifold is designed to run best at 2500 to 7500 (you wish!) rpm. The GM coil in cap style HEI will not fit. And it will stand you back about 450 bucks. You’ll need a shiny new oil fill tube to complete the nostalgic look. And six new Stromberg 97 carbs of course. You can get the new intake here at Summit Racing…

But wait, did someone say 6×2 linkage? Our super-cool new 6×2 and 4×2 TwoStep linkage range is ready to go! Launching at a dealer near you very soon. A modular range of direct and progressive linkage kits with a new low-line back-bar design that keeps the carbs as the star of the show, not the linkage. Here are some preview pictures. Email us if you need one right now. Plain and CHROME both available…..

14 thoughts on “Edelbrock 6×2 X1 ram for Stromberg 97s

  1. Got a little money put back. Hope i get this set up soon. I can “remember when” well. Look good on by t-bucket. Be 70 yrs old soon still going. CYA

  2. I enjoyed your article on the 2150 manifold, is there going to be any tech or testing articles on it anytime soon? I’m planning on putting one on my Duce three window. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Sorry, Douglas, we don’t plan anything right now as we are spending our dyno dollars elsewhere – mostly on new carb development. More news on that in the New Year! Thanks.

  3. In my travels of cool car stuff I found an X1 with 6 4bolt Rochesters all the linkage and a set of DoubleHumpheads ported polished and flowed by Don Penske- The story is that here in Ukiah, Ca.-Ukiah Speedway and Lakeport Speedway in the late 50’s changed the rules when Fuel Injection came about that if you were dumb enough to not convert to FI then you could run as many Carbs as you want. Well one of the locals here had 2 good friends—Vic Edelbrock and Don Penske and they set him up with a set of massaged heads matched to an X1 with 6 4-bolt rochesters that are sitting in my shop and I am going to stick them on one of my Chevrolets just to see how it all sounds–I can not wait-I hear they are rare as heck.

  4. Howdy, I am. A life long classic Pontiac V8 can ! I have plans to install and drive Edelbrock X2 6×2 setup on a 1966 Pont 389 in My 1950 Pontiac 2Dr Coupe. I have 6 of the Edelbrock New Holley 94s but still need linkage an fuel lines. The Pont X2 is wider then the chevy X1, silly Yalls linkage still work for Me in My application ? . I’m planning to use Moon Equipment to do the fuel plumbing .

    • Hi Dana, The X2 is indeed a giant of a manifold. We have one here. We could make a linkage, but our 6×2 back-bar linkages do not fit the Holley carbs. The back-bar brackets need the same real estate. Sorry! We will email about this direct, too.

      • Truth be told I would much rather run the Stromberg’s !
        But can’t afford both sets, and already have the Edelbrock/Holleys !
        But Ya have me wondering, if you have a Edelbrock X2? what would it cost to complete it, with the right Stromberg’s and linkage, . . (Do Ya make fuel lines)?
        I could be persuaded to start over again, ha ha wouldn’t be the first time .

        • Hi Dana, New 97s are currently $449 each and a 6×2 progressive linkage is made up in two parts. You would need two sets of 3×2 progressive linkage at $175.95 each plus the back-bar to join them all together which is $130. We don’t make one off fuel lines, but you could consider two lines of banjos or bent some lines up yourself perhaps.

  5. So Im looking at 2,640 for six carbs, an 482ish for linkage, So like . . . 3,122ish.

    I’m mentally picturing running from My fuel pump single line in to a fuel regulated the two lines out. An those to one set of the three carbs each. With banjos fittings carb to carb then last carb on each side?

    I will have to go wide open throttle on her, up to get fresh gas through the outer four carbs on a regular basies. Not a bad problem to have ?

    P.S. Any chance of y’all giving Me a discount ? I am retired from the U.S. NAVY (1983 to 2013) & as a Deputy Sheriff Jailor from (2006 to 2017)? An I promise to from then on, Sware by Stromberg’s !

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