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Here are our contact details. Email is best, but feel free to call if you prefer. We’re on UK time so if you leave a message, please suggest a good time to call back and tell us where you live so we can work out the time difference.

All our Clothing & Collectibles, and a lot of our carburetor parts, are sourced in the USA. We’ve signed up a worldwide group of reliable Genuine Stromberg dealers to look after your sales needs. You can even email them your wishlist direct from our main website. And we keep warehouse stock at both our UK HQ and in the USA, near Cincinnati.

Our warranties apply worldwide, with your dealer as the first point of contact and a US-based warranty repair guy who’s widely regarded as one of the (we just say ‘the’) best in the business. And while we’re adding articles to our Tech Center as fast as we can, if you have a question about something, just email us! We’d love to hear from you.

Stromberg Carburetor,
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Phone local: 01473 811700
Phone from USA : 011 44 1473 811700

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  1. i have a 27 T with a 327 chevy, 30-30 solid lifter cam and a 4-speed manual with a quick-change. Just got the car running this year – vintage speed set up an intake with 4 97’s chromes sitting on a 4×2 manifold with the carbs offset. Here is the problem. I cannot get the linkage to work correctly – too many hems joints. Do you make a linkage for this? Also, the car loads up at intersections. I have to let in wind out through the gears to let the plugs clear, but at 50mph steady speed and above when the car using up all the gas pouring into the motor it runs great. Is there a way to make this progressive linkage or does it have to run on all four carbs all the time. Also any ideas on what to do so it stops loading up. Do you have anybody in the chicago, Illinois area i could take the car to maybe setup the carbs? Thanks, Mike

    • Hi Mike, We have emailed you separately to ask a few more questions. Once we know what we’re talking about, we’ll enter the end reply back onto this post. Thanks for your enquiry.

  2. I am working on a 1951 Mercury Woody with a Mercomatic Transmission. I have purchased a Offenhauser dual carb intake maniforld. The Mercury is a “Push Throttle” linkage system. I am looking for a linkage system to handle push versus pull to purchase. Help !

    • Hi Fred, Check out our website for details of the 9510A-LZ carburetor – a new genuine 97 with a different throttle end bracket specially designed for push throttle applications (as you find on Lincoln Zephyr and some 49-51 Mercury models). From the home page at click on ‘Hot Rod Carburetion’, then ‘Genuine Stromberg 97′, then the tab for ’97 with LZ push throttle option’. You will see how the lever arm that attaches to the ‘carb to firewall’ linkage points downwards instead of upwards like on the standard 97 model. So you push to open the carburetor. Our bracket is an exact replica of the original Stromberg LZ piece. If your carburetors are good, you can swap in the 9581K-LZ kit – just the throttle shaft you need with new bushes. You’ll find that under Service & Restoration Parts. Thanks for your enquiry. If you need any more info, please email us –

  3. I am planning on running 2 Stromberg 48 carbuerators on the 1951 Mercury Woody. Need “push throttle linkage” versus pull. Where can I purchase this?

  4. Please, do you have information about Stromberg U 1 Carburetor ?
    I have a 1929 Desoto, and need one, or Kit one !?
    Thank you for information about this !
    Jorge Berges

  5. Hi there. I’ve inherited a 49 Mercury Flathead V8 with a 3×2 setup using Stromberg 97s. This motor is installed in a 47 Ford Super Delux ForDor. The car is sometimes hard to start, and even harder in the winter.
    It doesn’t have any choke cable installed and I wasn’t sure if the 3×2 Stromberg 97 setup needs a manual choke cable, or if the carbs “choke” themselves when it’s a cold start?

    If you are aware of any Stromberg experts in the Hammond Indiana of the US, or have any tips I would really appreciate it.


    • Hi Don, You’re a lucky man! A cool inheritance. Stromberg 97s have manual chokes. The simplest is probably to reconnect the car’s manual choke rod (from the dash) onto the center carburetor, which should make it easier to start, especially if the car has a progressive linkage. You can buy replacements for the original choke rod parts from one of the many excellent early Ford parts suppliers around the USA. You could also fit a cable choke kit (like our own 9552K-C kit but it’s not quite as simple a fit. Thanks.

  6. I have two 81 Stromberg carburetors which I want to paint black. Can you advise what type of paint would be suitable for them.

  7. I have ‘weiand 6716 ‘ supercharger carb topper I want progressive linkage, point me to the right parts. throttle shaft to throttle shaft is 6 1/4″ none of your kits show that spacing Thanks

  8. I require a carby linkages for small block chev with Weiand wc4d manifold 4 carbies, do you have a kit for this.

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