Chrome 97 crown for 111 Digger

We’re going to let the pictures speak for themselves here, as once you’ve seen this set-up, there’s not much else to add. Before our trip to the Lone Star Roundup earlier in the year we emailed a lot with Steve Wertheimer who, along with a bunch of cool cars, cool bikes, cool house, cool garage, cool music clubs – you get the picture – also happens to head up the Roundup. Steve mentioned his new digger and the miserable old 94s he had on that awesome Norm Jones-built Desoto Firedome Hemi and to cut a long story short, fedex delivered six new chrome 97 carbs, plus a new chrome Stromberg 6×2 direct linkage, just before the event. Steve had top local polisher Wade ‘Buffy’ Monson (512 903-1996) polish the whole damn intake manifold and we installed the carburetors when we got out there.

Keith Tardel (at Rex Rods), who built the car around one of his Chassis Research inspired frames, revised the linkage to drive the new 97s, and ‘El Jefe’ pretty much debuted the car at the HAMB drags – where most of these pics were taken.

We’ve been hammering on about our chrome 97s and our cool 6×2 linkages now for most of the year. So I guess this is where it all comes together – a full chrome 6×2 system with all new chrome Stromberg linkage. On one of the coolest nostalgia diggers around. Does it get any better? Not from where I’m sitting…We’re honored.

Thanks to all our photographers, Buzz M Jones, Nick Savo, Jason Veale, Blake Burwell, Trent Sherrill and Rick P here at Stromberg HQ.

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