Black & Chrome Stromberg 97. Limited Edition!

We’ve been thinking lately about how we can extend the Stromberg 97 choice a little. If we wore suits here, I guess we’d call it thinking outside the box. Imagineering. You get the idea. Anyway, somewhat predictably for a bunch of hot rodders, we got as far as black and chrome. You can tell we missed the 60’s. Flushed with success we’re now talking about pushing the boat out a little further. Maybe Dove Grey and chrome?  Who knows. One of our number, clearly not singing from the same old fart hymn sheet, called for metalflake. Seems we’ve started something here.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now, we’ve made a short run of Limited Edition black & chrome carbs.  And very handsome they look too. The black is the same catalysed 2-pack we’ve used with good effect on Stromberg 97 bases for many years. You can see which parts are chromed. And everything else is pretty much standard Stromberg 97. Let’s call them 9510A-BLK. The price will be $475.00 a piece. They’re on our website, now, so click here for the full story.

If you’d like some, please ask your local Stromberg dealer. And if you’ve a wild and crazy ideas for a different colour, please add a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Black & Chrome Stromberg 97. Limited Edition!

  1. Well, Color;
    Hotrods only come in 3 colors; Black, Red and Yellow.
    The black and chrome 97’s look great.
    From a black with red deuce owner.

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