AMBR contender – six chrome Stromberg 97s!

A few years back, we were looking for old pics for our website of cool Stromberg-equipped cars from back in the day. A great contact in California sent us this awesome COLOUR picture of a channelled ’32 roadster at the 1961 Oakland Roadster Show. We had no idea who took it (though I now hear it was Andy Southard), but I thought it was the coolest thing ever – it says everything about what Stromberg means to millions of hot rodders the world over. But the blue colour balance didn’t work for the website and it never made the cut. Then just recently we nearly used it again for our ad in the forthcoming Jalopy Journal book. Note, I said, ‘nearly’…

So let’s back up to October 2011. We get a phone message from a guy named Marcus in CA. I mean, no-one phones us from California! But he had six chrome 97s and was asking about 6×2 linkages. We were still in development then, but we emailed back and showed him pics of our early feasibility prototypes and mock-ups. By December, we had enough parts to send Marcus our first ever 6×2 Back-bar kit. No idea what the car was or anything. Happy customer… on to the next enquiry…

Next up, in Feb 2012, we get the first pics of the Grand National Roadster Show contenders. We make our personal choice. No contest. Sylvester III, the wild red ’32 with the six chrome 97s. I can’t see the attraction in Indy-car looking hot rods myself, but the judges thought differently, I guess. Then in May this year, a new email back from Marcus. I hate the word ‘humbling’. It’s overused, but it kinda fits here:

Hi Clive, Back in January, you sent us a prototype 6 X 2 rear linkage and we would like to say thanks again for your help.  We have recently finished a project using 6 of your new chrome 97’s, a couple sets of your progressive linkage and your “you-fit” rear linkage and couldn’t be happier with the overall look and performance of all of your products.  We have taken the car to a few high-end indoor shows this year and have been getting a very good response and are attracting a lot of attention………(I’ve cut some here)…. I have attached a couple pictures of the car, and look forward to hearing from you.

Two things. One..humility. Guys build my vote for coolest car of the year and talk about “a very good response”. I should say so! I love this car to death. And we want to give huge thanks to Marcus Owens and Paul Shaughnessy of New Metal Kustomz for using our chrome 97s on this car. 2012 was actually a breakthrough year for Stromberg at the GNRS with a bunch of the real high profile cars using our carburetors and other products. So thanks to all those who chose Genuine Stromberg! We know you have a choice… And the second thing? Suddenly it all makes sense. Mystery Marcus, the awesome red ’32, and yes, of course, it’s the very same car as in our blue-tinted 1961 Show picture!

You can read all about the car and its trip to the GNRS 2012 on the HAMB. No point us repeating it all here. Far better to hear from the various horses’ mouths. Click the HAMB link to check it out.


7 thoughts on “AMBR contender – six chrome Stromberg 97s!

  1. Very nice, Clive…I’m Marcus’ dad, so understandably proud of their efforts. Paul and Marcus are struggling to build the business, so any of the hot rod community publicity helps immensely. Genuine Stromberg carburetors and products are a cut above the rest, and Sylvester is a great rolling advertisement for them. It’s been fun digging in to the history of this car and meeting some of the people who’ve been involved.
    Thanks for the kind words about Marcus, Paul, and New Metal Kustomz!
    Craig Owens

  2. That roadster in the back ground is my original Model A that I put a Chev in 1956 and redid for that Oakland car show! I also had an Offy intake with 3 x 97 carbs and still have the car with the 97’s. I drove it to Goodguy’s in 2007 in Scottsdale Arizona from San Rafael, California and won period perfect award and just got back from a car show in Brookings, Oregon from San Rafael and won Long distance award. All on 97’s. I am planning a tour next year to go to Indy and a few other shows throughout the US in my Model A. It still has the a 283 and same paint and upholstery from the 1950’s. I sure like your products – they are great and I have sold a lot of them to my customers here at HAT Racing in San Rafael, California.

  3. Hi I’m a friend of Craig father of Marcus and i have Sylvester posted on my u-tube site in 1080P HQ audio if you want to get a great look at the carbs check out my site the video is called Sylvester in HD. The carbs are great thanks Craig and Marcus.

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