9085K – New Banjo gaskets

OK, so it wasn’t broke, but we fixed it anyway. Our stainless steel banjo fittings have sold steadily since we introduced them a couple of years back. Thousands sold without complaint. So what’s new? The ring gaskets, that’s what. Originally we specified a black fibre washer. The gasket people said they’d work fine, and they did, even though a banjo relies on a tight face to face surface seal. But we’ve up-specced them anyway. The new ones are the same material as our main carburetor gaskets – a high tech nitrile/cellulose mix – which is softer so they compress better for improved sealing. Plus, they’re grey so you see them even less.

With any banjo, you should replace the two gaskets whenever you disconnect the fitting from the carburetor. So¬†we’ve introduced a new pack of 10 Banjo gaskets. Part 9085K. It’s on our website, ready for you to add it to your Stromberg wish list now. Click here.

Maybe it’s time for a quick advertisement. ¬†Stromberg Banjo Fittings. 9082K (single end) and 9083K (double end). We make them from big diameter material with a recess lip on each side to hide the gasket and move the bolt head closer to the banjo. We kept the wrench surfaces short, knocked the corners off the hex and rounded the bolt head too. They’re sized to fit both 5/16inch and 3/8inch hose, with plenty of fuel flow guaranteed. Thanks for listening!

4 thoughts on “9085K – New Banjo gaskets

  1. Good explanation regarding the need to have banjo gaskets that provide a good crush to avoid leaks. Some folks don’t understand the issue/problem. Again, good explanation. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your feedback, John. As you know, banjos have no taper seat like a threaded fitting and tape or sealant is pointless, so the gaskets play a major part. That why we updated them.

  2. Are banjo gaskets available and what are the part numbers? I have a single and a double fitting. I purchased them for project awhile back and getting around to them. Who has them?

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