3×2 Progressive linkage update

DSC_9188I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. We develop something cool, everybody likes it and, hey, people even buy ’em! But here at Stromberg, that’s never quite enough. We’re always looking to make things better, even in a small way. And here’s a perfect example.

We’ve made a small running change to all our 3×2 progressive linkages. The regular PRO kits, the PRO-KD kits with kick-down hook-up facility, and the chrome versions of both. You’d barely notice it, but it’s something we’ve been looking at for a while and it bugged us enough to make a change. Basically, the swivel for the lever with the sliding link through it used to have a small set screw in the center so you could lock it off if you wanted. We thought it might make it more versatile, but experience proved us wrong. More often the screw went AWOL. So we’ve deleted it so the swivels match at both end carburetors and the whole system gets a smoother look. OK, that’s all. A small change, but one for the better.

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