1940 Chevrolet D-Gasser – Stromberg equipped!

Beaty 40 chev

They don’t come more original – nor much cooler than this baby. Move along please for Texan Chet Beaty’s 1940 Chevrolet D-Gasser, running an original Wayne-equipped 1952 GMC 302 with 5 – count ’em – Stromberg 97 carburetors along with everything else right from that period. A Spalding cam, Vertex distributor, Sun Tacho, 1937 LaSalle floor shift tranny and a 1951 rear end. Down to the window decals, this car is a genuine 1958-built car and you know what? He fully intends to keep it that way. Now, if we can just fix those leaky throttle shafts…

STOP PRESS! Chet just fitted five brand new 97s from Stromberg Carburetor, keeping the car authentic and Genuine! Just the same but Better than ever…






AMBR Stromberg equipped !

GMBR 2We got the May 2013 issue of Hot Rod NZ magazine today. To be honest, it’s one of our favourite magazines and for many reasons. First, the NZ scene seems so full of life – new imports coming in all the time, plenty of events, you know what we mean. And second, the magazine puts the reader first instead of the advertiser (the US mags have a lot to learn in this respect) and covers that scene in such depth with real support for the hobby – both home and abroad.

Here’s a perfect example. We’ve been following the coverage of John Mumford’s AMBR winning ‘Kelly Brown’ 1927 T roadster ever since the award back in January. But HRNZ has some of the best pictures we’ve ever seen of its Ardun-equipped V8-60 engine. We’re particularly stoked because we always suspected it was Stromberg equipped, but I’d never seen a good enough (close enough) picture to confirm that they were new 97s. Until now. So thanks hugely to HRNZ, Greg Stokes and photographer Alain Sauquet. And thanks to John Mumford and Roy Brizio and his crew for recognising that so many Stromberg linkage and fuel delivery parts are worthy of America’s Most Beautiful Roadster!

PS. Did you get the pun , Greg?  ;>)

Stop Carb Percolation!

HotRodCarbs.com - Carb Insulator Spacers & Shields-1Check out this new product from our buddy Larry Fulton at Hot Rod Carbs, Montana, USA. It’s a line of premium carburetor heat insulator spacers and shields, which protect the base from direct heat transfer and the underside of the carb bowl from radiant heat. The range starts with these babies for 2-barrel carburetors – like Stromberg 97s. To quote Larry, “because of the extremely low evaporation and boiling point temperatures of today’s numerous gasoline blends (some as low as 100*F), carburetor users from around the world have been experiencing many problems related to fuel evaporation, vapor lock, percolation, hard starting and intake manifold staining. I can’t tell you how many cores I’ve taken apart over the years that have heat cycled so often they’ll shatter into pieces like a broken glass when lightly tapped on with a screw driver.”

The new insulators use a patented (and superior) material. They’re black in color for an OEM appearance and they’re only 1/4” thick for applications with limited hood clearance. Each has been designed to be used individually or in stacked configurations for even greater insulation. The material is able to withstand normal wrench tightening of the carburetor hold-down nuts and studs without concern of crushing. And lastly, each shield and spacer is engraved with the HotRodCarbs.com logo to give consumers complete confidence.

837 – 36th Ave NE
Great Falls, MT 59404

New Stromberg-equipped Collectibles

STRM007 - stromberg_DS_Flange_Hang_OvalSummer’s here. Definitely time for some cool and hugely affordable new collectibles. Three vintage-styled tin signs and a new shop clock, taking the current Stromberg-equipped concept into four smart new formats with price points for every enthusiast.

Here’s the run-down. We start with a fabulous 18×14 inch Stromberg 97-shaped die-cut, sign. Then we have the 12×12 inch ‘diagonal’ style. And moving upmarket, how about this awesome, double-sided hanging oval – 24 inches wide – complete with wall mounting bracket, chains and separate ‘Sales & Service’ hanger underneath. The new 14 inch shop clock follows the same theme, combining the Stromberg-equipped message with a black ink rendering of the iconic 97 carburetor by our buddy and top automotive artist, Thom Taylor.

All Stromberg signs are proudly made in the USA, using heavy gauge American steel. The patinated, vintage style artwork is printed in period colors with a smart dye-sublimation process, baking the image into the powder coating for a durable and long lasting finish.

2410.            Tin Sign – Black Die-cut 97 – just $32.00 !

2411.            Tin Sign – Black Hanging Oval – double sided – just $115.00 !

2413.            Tin Sign – Black Diagonal – just $26.00 !

2810.            Clock – Black Stromberg-equipped – just $48.00 !

The full Stromberg Clothing & Collectibles range is available now at the Stromberg website – www.stromberg-97.com  Advert over. How about some pictures.