Stromberg 97 hits 500 Facebook Likes

2502 hangingSo…we hit 500 Facebook Likes! Someone has won our coolest sign – the Stromberg 97 Sales & Service rusty lazer-cut sign. $99.95 worth to be exact. And the winner is….Nick Hooks from New York. Please contact us so we can get it to you. PLUS, if your name is Stefan Hokuf you just won a Stromberg License Plate Frame. Tell us your address, guys and stay tuned for more Prize Draws.

More Facebook Give-away Prizes

2502 hangingGolly, what a week. We launched our Monster Give-away expecting a few more Likes on our Facebook page, but didn’t honestly expect the avalanche of Likes we saw last week. Thanks, thanks and thanks again to everyone who took the time to Like us. Some are folks we know, but the vast majority are new Stromberg friends from all over the world, and that’s what we’re especially pleased about. According to the FB Likes clicker, we’re heading for 500 with a vengeance. Some prizes have already been mailed out. But there’s a stack more to be won. Here are the latest prize winners. If you’re these guys, make contact with a shipping address and we’ll get your swag off to you soon!

151-200 License Frame winner…                     Clay Blythe (186)

201-250 License Frame winner…                     Wolfgang Griesmann (230)

251-300 License Frame winner…                     Dan Wolff (257)

301-350 License Frame winner…                     Murray Anderson (346)

351-400 License Frame winner…                     James Antonowch (353)

401-450 License Frame winner…                     Zach Suhr (211)

0-200 Cap winner…                                         Tony Hills (76)

0-250 Black sign winner…                               Derek Frazier (165)

0-300 T-shirt winner…                                      Phil Hutty (246)

0-400 Beanie hat winner…                               Willem Hoffer (81)

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that the 401-450 winner was number 211. That’s because Facebook does some weird stuff on the Likes counter. They say we have 492 Likes. But we’ve faithfully listed every single one and we make it 399. So we drew the last one from the full 0-399 to make it fair.

So, we’re closing in on 500 Likes this week. That’s a cool Stromberg 97 heavy metal rusty sign (see above) ready to be shipped to the lucky draw winner. Plus of course, another Stromberg License Plate Frame for the 450-500 group. Thanks again, especially for all the messages of goodwill and kind words about our carbs, linkages and other stuff. Monster Give-away!


PRO-CHR 3x2Here’s a thing. As I write this we have nearly 2000 people on our e-mailing list. Over 800 followers on twitter. 1000s of page views every month on our blog, the Stromberg Bulletin. But just 153 Likes on Facebook. We appreciate that support, of course. But it’s time to make some new friends. How? Bribery, that’s how. We’re giving away a load of Free Stuff. Stromberg license plate frames, signs, T-shirts, caps, beanies and yes, three new Stromberg 97s of your choice – even chrome.

prize_tableHere’s how we’re going to shake it down. We’ve set targets up to 1000 Likes on the Stromberg97 Facebook page, each matched with great free draw prizes. Every Like has a number, from Robin Larripa (1, our first ever Facebook Like). is where we’ll pick our winning numbers. And if your number is drawn, we’ll ship the prize to you anywhere in the world. The license frame winners are drawn from the most recent 50 Likes (eg, 1-50 or 101 to 150) and the other prizes are drawn from all our Likes so far.

Prize winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter, and you have 14 days to contact us with you choice/shipping address. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll redraw and so on.

So…Tell your hot rod & custom friends to LIKE us! The sooner we hit 1000, the sooner someone’s going to win three new 97s… And it could be YOU! Just one more thing. We’re already at 153 Likes if you’re these ladies and gents, please contact us soon to claim your prizes. CONGRATS.

0-50 License Frame winner…                         Ray Combs (23)

51-100 License Frame winner…                     Ryan Morgan (55)

101-150 License Frame winner…                   Justin Hocking (117)

0-100 T-shirt winner…                                    Estelle Bilson-Booker (77)

Terms & Conditions? Not many. You must be Liking Stromberg97 on Facebook at the time of claiming your prize. Prizes aren’t negotiable. I’m in charge. And one more thing. We do check our Likers so don’t ask your mom, your Aunt Bessie and all 56 nephews to Like us just to up your chances. That’s plain greedy. And a touch sad…

New Stromberg 97 bracket for cable throttle – and kickdown!

DSC_8943And today’s super-hot Stromberg product of the month is…our handsome new Cable Throttle Bracket (Part No: 9136K), making the Stromberg 97 3×2 tripower set-up even easier to use, particularly on small block Chevy and Ford engines.

Easy to use? Of course…Mounted securely between the carburetor and the intake manifold – with a gasket each side, of course – the new bracket positions the throttle cable for optimum, bind-free ‘pull’ on the Stromberg premium progressive linkage. There’s an extra fixing hole in the arm for the small extension bracket supplied with most hot rod auto-trans kickdown cable kits. And we’ve added a separate racy-looking side arm so you can mount a traditional return spring. Ok, so we tend to prefer our own torsion type return springs, but it gives you the choice. If you don’t need it, trim it off!

Truth is, we have a lot of customers converting to 97s from a single 4-barrel, so many folks already have Lokar® type throttle and kickdown cables in place. Our new cable throttle bracket, coupled with our new ‘kickdown compatible’ progressive linkages, help make that swap as easy as possible. You can keep all your cables, and even your 4-bbl return springs. The kit includes a new carburetor gasket, and help with installation is available from the Stromberg Tech Center at Prices? We’re looking at $39.95 and/or £21.62 plus UK taxes depending on where you live.

While it was principally designed to work with small block Chevy and Ford applications, the new stainless steel bracket is also compatible with most Ford Flathead intake manifolds. We’re working though our considerable stock of ‘currently available’ flathead intakes to see what works with what, and it already looks like the bracket won’t work with the stock fuel pump, though you may be able to trim it down in some circumstances. We’re also looking at how we can adapt 2×2 linkages to cable operation, probably with a new bracket we have in mind for the other side of the carb. We’ll report back as soon as we have more news, and post it on the Stromberg Tech Center too.

Blown, 97-equipped ’32 roadster

C ar Show 06-13-09 002When a guy sends you pictures of his car build and you see carpet in the garage, you know he’s serious about quality finish and detail. Jim Johnson falls into that category. And once you check out the pictures of his cool black ’32 roadster, I reckon you’ll agree that car, guy and garage all fit together pretty well.

Jim’s the kinda guy who likes to do all his own work. And do it right. Take the flathead motor, for example. He started with serious investment in a French flathead block, then took it to the next stage, not just with weeks of grinding, paint and polish, but his own take on full-flow oiling, modern water pump, Baron Racing heads and a Stromberg 97-equipped blower. Black on black with classic red trim, whitewalls on red wires, the right touch of polish and chrome – this is a very classy hot rod. Enjoy the pics. And thanks to Jim for sharing it with us.