HOT ROD magazine 97 Manifold Smackdown!

Most days are pretty good here at Stromberg, but some are off the freakin’ scale. And today is one. We got the new HOT ROD Magazine 65th Anniversary issue today, and it’s crammed with new 97s. There are three on Dan Webb’s beautiful So-Cal Streamliner recreation (which we featured here a short time ago – click this link). And five pages-full in the ‘Ford Flathead V8 Intake Manifold Smackdown’.

We quote, “Several companies offer Stromberg lookalikes, but H&H says the best, most reliable and least troublesome are the real Strombergs made by the re-formed company, now from England.”

If you haven’t got the magazine already, we urge you to do quickly as it won’t available after 11th December 2012, and it’s packed with great features by the HRM team. We’ve scanned the relevant pages and added them here for when the mag’s no longer on the stands. Who were the winners? Navarro, pretty much, though the Edelbrock Slingshot 2×2 acquitted itself very well, too. The winners are summarised on page 104 – the last page below. Huge thanks, of course, to Marlan Davis at HRM. Dan Webb and of course, Mike Herman at Stromberg dealer H&H Flatheads for helping organise the awesome feature and helping us get involved.

Rocky’s 2xengine, 6×97 dragster

I don’t know Rocky Phillips personally, but from what I have seen of his twin-engined, Stromberg-equipped dragster, and his hard work hosting events at Eagle Field Dragway, and indeed, his efforts to ensure its continued use, he’s the kinda guy I’d like to shake hands with.

Eagle Field is a WWII air field located 10 miles south of Dos Palos, CA. near Los Banos. In the tongue in cheek words of one forum poster, it’s attractions include: “As much traction as a greasy parking lot….No timing gear….No start lights, just some lunatic jumping in the air with a flag…..1/8th mile, heads up racing…..Dust, flies & 90+ degree temperatures… ..Middle of bloody nowhere..” Which is exactly why so many folks love it. You can read an excellent report from Hot Rod magazine’s Dave Wallace on this link.

Anyway, a couple of points worth noting. First up is Rocky’s insane twin-engined dragster. Again, I don’t know much about it, but it has six Stromberg 97s, on two crazy canted intake manifolds, which is good enough for me. The video above shows how well it works.

The second point is that Rocky – and Eagle Field – needs your help. According to their dedicated forum (, “Eagle Field has spent Thousands of Dollars to provide us with a Race Surface BUT NOW the Shut Down Area is DISINTEGRATING and I /WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! The Old Asphalt WILL NOT SURVIVE our TWO Day Race in May 2013 and needs to be repaved a minimum of 300′.”

There are many ways to HELP……….Join them at the Eagle Field Christmas Party, SAVE the Runway FUND Raiser Dinner made possible by the Dos Palos LIONS Club @ $20 a person (8 person Table Reservations available) in Dos Palos December 15th, and join in on their Silent & LIVE Auction and Raffle. Buy 1 of 100 Limited Edition “Save The Runway” Signs by friends at BellAir Motorsports at $100 (get on the list now), a $50 Save the Runway Shirt by friends at the Shirt Shak, or bid on your favorite Item at the Eagle Field Speed Shop.

Large and Small Donations are welcomed and can be made via PayPal to or by sending Rocky a check (to Rocky Phillips, 1879 E Adams Ave. Fresno Ca 93725, USA ) Please make checks out to the Dos Palos Lions Club / Eagle Field). You can also Donate a Cool Item to list in their Store, as we’re doing here at Stromberg. Rocky sez: “Please spread the word. Any and all support is Appreciated, THIS IS SERIOUS. Thank You. Rocky Phillips 559 351 3537”

Two Hemi Motors. 12 x 97s.

It’s not that often you see Stromberg 97s on a Chrysler Hemi. In fact, I’ve got to admit, aside from the ancient drag racing pics from back in the good old days before 4-bbl carbs, these are the first I’ve ever seen. And they both arrived into our inbox in the same week! Our East Coast buddy, Rich Green, sent a couple of pics of his crazy ’32 sedan project, with six new 97s on a blower plate….quite an eyeful in anybody’s language.

Then Eric Schill emailed us recently from Stromberg Dealer Riley Auto in Colorado with some pictures of Gale Heersinks’ 1932 Ford pick up. Riley did the chassis for him (with an I-beam axle, ladder bars in the rear and tubular center cross-members) and also sold him the six 97’s for the giant Hemi motor. Gale’s from Monte Vista, CO, where the air is really thin due to the high altitude, so they have started off with 0.042 main jets and Number 71 power valves, and will report back to us on what tune worked best.  You can reach Eric at Riley on 1-800-530-7636 and check out his blog at

Stromberg News. Nov 2012

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Stromberg Chrome Linkages

Good news for all our chrome Stromberg 97 customers. The full TwoStep linkage range is now available with chromed die-cast levers and polished stainless steel. Designed specifically for use with multiple Stromberg 97 carburetors, the TwoStep range of direct and progressive kits covers all of the commonly available 2×2 and 3×2 intake manifolds – principally for flathead Ford, small block Chevy and Ford, plus various other vintage OHV V8 engines. Chrome linkages for 4×2 and 6×2 applications are also available to order.

The new chrome range perfectly complements our popular chrome Stromberg 97 carburetor (9510A-CHR), and chrome fuel delivery parts. With our show chrome models now accounting for a significant percentage of carburetor sales, customers were naturally asking about matching linkages. So we’re particularly pleased that we can offer real show quality chrome and polished stainless pieces….and at very competitive prices.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by us here at Stromberg Carburetor, the TwoStep linkage range combines clean, traditional looks with maximum leverage and huge versatility. All kits come pre-assembled and install in just two simple steps, without the need for extended throttle shafts. Here are just a few of the features and benefits:

Direct linkages available with swivels or rod ends – opposite threaded for easy adjustment.

Versatile progressive linkages allow you to choose when the secondary carburetors open.

Every kit includes two Stromberg ‘Snapback’TM throttle return springs. Wrapped around the linkage end of the throttle shaft, these chemically blacked, stainless steel torsion springs snap the carburetors shut, yet virtually disappear from view.

Every Stromberg TwoStep linkage kit comes with full instructions, and further help with selection, installation and tuning is available at the Stromberg Tech Center at

You’ll find all of our linkages, regular and chrome, on the Stromberg website. Click the link to check them out.