Edelbrock 6×2 X1 ram for Stromberg 97s

Could there be a better sight in hot rodding? Six Stromberg 97s, loud and proud on the legendary Edelbrock Chevy X1 ram 6×2 intake? Alright, we’re biased…but you can’t deny it’s an eyeful. And that it’s right up there as the coolest news in nostalgia induction for many a year…Yes, Edelbrock are repopping that legendary X1 intake. We know, you’ve wanted one for years, but they were hard to find, right? And yes they were expensive and beat up and dirty and all that stuff – like the original in our carb pictures. But not any more!

Here’s the history bit. Vic Edelbrock Snr introduced the X1 ram six-carburetor manifold in 1958, getting 284 hp out of the hot new 283 ci Chevy engine. Alright, so it doesn’t sound too hot now, but this was 1958, remember. One horse per inch out of any motor was BIG NEWS! Cross ram was always going to be the way to go for high performance – still is – but one of its secrets was the long tapered runners, which allowed the mixture to accelerate at a steady rate towards the intake port. Best of all, it used six Stromberg 97s. Vic even guaranteed it would out-perform any other six-carb intake around at the time. According to the excellent book, “Merchants of Speed: The Men who built America’s Performance Industry”, the X1 was used to test Vic Jnr’s 339 inch Chevy powered ski-boat motor in 1961. WIth six 97s, it made 364 horse on the famous Edelbrock dyno. The following year it pulled 375 horse from a 283ci (!) motor when testing a new Polydyne profile camshaft over at Iskenderian Racing Cams.

So here’s the deal. The new X1 manifold is designed to run best at 2500 to 7500 (you wish!) rpm. The GM coil in cap style HEI will not fit. And it will stand you back about 450 bucks. You’ll need a shiny new oil fill tube to complete the nostalgic look. And six new Stromberg 97 carbs of course. You can get the new intake here at Summit Racing…

But wait, did someone say 6×2 linkage? Our super-cool new 6×2 and 4×2 TwoStep linkage range is ready to go! Launching at a dealer near you very soon. A modular range of direct and progressive linkage kits with a new low-line back-bar design that keeps the carbs as the star of the show, not the linkage. Here are some preview pictures. Email us if you need one right now. Plain and CHROME both available…..

New Edelbrock small block 3×2 Ford intake for Stromberg 97s

You don’t need to be a hot rodder to know that old is now new – or should that be news – but even the most corporate of performance companies are now opening their eyes to nostalgia overhead valve motors. Edelbrock’s new 5412 3×2 intake for small block Ford is not just a reproduction of an old intake, but a brand new one! Click on the pics for a closer look.

To be fair, Edelbrock and Offenhauser have made 3×2 intakes for small block Chevy available for ever. Add three new 97s and our 9246S or 9246PRO TwoStep linkage and you’re just about ready to go. But if you owned a 260, 289 or a 302 Ford and wanted a cool 3×2 intake, you were pretty much out of luck. Until now, that is, as Edelbrock’s 5412 3×2 Ford intake brings 3×2 looks and power to exactly those engines.

Time for a short math note. We’re often asked whether three 97s provide enough air for a small bock Ford or Chevy. Here’s the deal. Engine size (ci) x max revs divided by 3456 is the maximum air your cylinders can handle if your motor is 100% volumetrically efficient (which is unlikely). So even for the bigger Ford, 302 x 5500/3456 = 480cfm. Most engines are nearer 80% efficient at the top end (so they need just 384cfm), but even if it is 100%, three new 97s can give you 486cfm max. And remember, you only need that much air at high revs. We haven’t dyno’d this intake yet, but the Chevy 3×2 dual plane intakes pretty much flatten out at 5000rpm anyway. Remember, for most of us, it’s more about mid-range torque and drivability.

There’s not a whole bunch else for us to say, except that the 5412 is claimed to be good for 5500rpm and costs just under 400 bucks. Our TwoStep 9253S (direct) and 9253PRO (progressive) linkages bolt straight on. And you can find out more at Stromberg dealer Summit Racing‘s website. As soon as we can get our hands on one, we’ll get better pics and get it on the dyno too.

Got some great news today. Stromberg is super proud to present five nights of Rock ‘n Roll Royalty at the legendary Continental Club (Austin, Texas) during the equally legendary 11th Annual Lone Star Round Up 2012. And it doesn’t get much more regal than the Queen of Rock, Wanda Jackson and His Royal Guitar Highness, James Burton!

For those who don’t know, Round Up event registration is open ONLY to 1963 and earlier traditionally-styled american hot rods, custom cars and bikes. No flared pants ’70s stuff. No imports. No cars newer than 1963.  No wonder Jalopy Journal call it “the best damn car show in America. Period.” Just our kinda thang…

If you haven’t already registered for the event, click here for all the info you need. And if you’re not bringing your ride, the great news is, $10 general admission wristbands are on sale to the public, good for admission all weekend – kids under 12 are FREE.

The event kicks off on Friday 13th April, but a lot of folks get there early, so our five nights  at the Continental Club (1315 Sth Congress Ave, Austin), starts on Wednesday.

Here’s the incredible line-up: Click the artists to find out more.

Wednesday, 11th April: Hot Club of Cowtown for Happy Hour. Later at 10pm Stone River Boys and then Southern Culture on The Skids

Thursday, 12th April: Planet Casper for Happy Hour.  Later at 10pm The Go-Getters (from Sweden) and then Southern Culture on The Skids

Friday, 13th April: At 9pm Marti Brom & Rosie Flores, then Wanda Jackson at 10:30pm followed by Southern Culture on the Skids

Saturday, 14th April:  At 8:30pm Denny Freeman, then James Burton at 10pm followed by Southern Culture on the Skids

Sunday, 15th April: At 7:30pm Junior Brown, followed by Heybale w/ Redd & Earl @ 10pm

Don’t forget, by the way, that there’s also great music throughout the day at the Round Up itself, (Travis County Expo Center7311 Decker Lane), plus full evening programs at Jo’s Coffee – FREE stage – and Trophy’s Bar, both on South Congress Ave .

Stay tuned for more event news and reports up to and during the event!

Full chrome Stromberg 97s!!!!

Now we’re talking…Check these babies out. Full freakin’ insane chrome 97s, including the base castings? Yes way…Destined for George Papadopoulos’ new V-twin chopper, they’re the result of some incredible chroming and polishing work. We can’t wait to see the finished bike.

When we launched our 9510A-CHR chrome Stromberg 97 carburetor, we never really considered chroming the bases. For one, we liked the black lacquer contrast. And for two, they’re an absolute SOB to chrome so there’s a danger of losing the shape completely and the cost makes it unrealistic for most mere mortals.

Bike builders are made of sterner stuff, though. And both these for George and others for Kon Zakzanis (for his two Billy Lane hubless bikes) have been fixed up through ace fabricator Steve Schuller (Helmetfreak@aol.com) who not only makes the clever intake manifolds, but has worked out the tricks you need to get them working great on a V-twin.

These bases were chromed by Heavy Metal Services out of Barrie, Ontario, Canada (call 705-220-3124). We shipped them out separately for chroming then they were fedexed back to us to build the whole carb. All I can say is….respect is due to Darryl, they’re damn flawless. And you can’t say that about chrome very often. We’ll spare you the Stromberg chrome 97 advert. Just click the link for more info.