1940 Chevrolet D-Gasser – Stromberg equipped!

Beaty 40 chev

They don’t come more original – nor much cooler than this baby. Move along please for Texan Chet Beaty’s 1940 Chevrolet D-Gasser, running an original Wayne-equipped 1952 GMC 302 with 5 – count ’em – Stromberg 97 carburetors along with everything else right from that period. A Spalding cam, Vertex distributor, Sun Tacho, 1937 LaSalle floor shift tranny and a 1951 rear end. Down to the window decals, this car is a genuine 1958-built car and you know what? He fully intends to keep it that way. Now, if we can just fix those leaky throttle shafts…

STOP PRESS! Chet just fitted five brand new 97s from Stromberg Carburetor, keeping the car authentic and Genuine! Just the same but Better than ever…






2 thoughts on “1940 Chevrolet D-Gasser – Stromberg equipped!

  1. I have a 302 gmc engine just like 1940 d gasser I also have 5 97 carbs id like to know what he used for jets and power valves im just starting to put this together thanks gary

    • Hi Gary, Jetting very difficult to predict sitting here, as local elevation and gas play as much a part as engine tune. I can see you will need to jet down a little though – maybe 0.043 or 0.042 main jets and much small power valves too – maybe even the smaller number 71. As a rule though we always say get it running first with what you have then you know where to start. Oh, and keep them all the same, and all idling. Then get the car on a rolling road or at least a gas analyser.Thanks.

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