The 81. A new carburetor from Stromberg?

Over the years we have had a few enquiries about making a new Stromberg 81, mainly for Ford flathead 4-banger lovers. So we tried a little project recently to replicate 81 style cfm flow and performance by sleeving down a 97. It worked pretty good with a strong signal and correct flow, so we are moving the idea to CAD next. We’re not sure a new bowl casting is a certainty, but we can make special size venturi inserts, coupled with a new base.


Stromberg-equipped Chrysler Hemi FirePower

If you love Stromberg-equipped vintage hot rod engines as much as we do, then what better combination than this 3×2 97-powered Chrysler Hemi FirePower? Filmed over 10 months by Davin and Matt at the Hegarty Insurance workshop, this time lapse video of the whole rebuild is exhausting to watch let alone film or do! But what a project. Congrats to the guys for seeing it through. Click here and Enjoy the ride!


Stromberg Counter Display

image1We got this cool picture in the email, the other day, of a Stromberg counter display. After a little research we found out what it is. We have some ancient Stromberg catalogues from around 1940 and amongst its many pages we found this merchandiser. Stromberg display material is pretty rare, as most of the products were sold direct to manufacturers. But here’s a Stromberg display for retail use – albeit to a trade audience. Check it out. It’s ‘Just the thing to keep fast-moving Stromberg materials before the trade…’


Latest Stromberg comic strip

Stromberg comic

A new Stromberg comic strip hit the streets recently. If you get HOP UP magazine (and who doesn’t?) you will have found it right at the back. Huge thanks to our main man Paul (Get) Carter who drew it all up from a script we gave him along with a few edgy reference pictures and book of Alex Toth’s finest work. After near on 10 years, it was more than time for a new strip. So we’re now in the ’60’s. Ol’ Leadfoot’s feeling the drag racing vibe, but his old ’32 ain’t quite up to it any more. The answer? BIG97s baby! The all-new Stromberg BIG97 Tri-Power.  Check it out. Oh, and you younger fellas might just want to google Barry Goldwater…