Stromberg 97 at GNRS 2016


The Grand National Roadster Show is always a blast, and this year it was as good as ever. Seven halls of hot rod and custom excellence plus many visitors parked in between. You’ve probably seen endless pictures of the cars already so here’s a few shots of the Stromberg 97 carbs on show, both regular and BIG97s. Thanks to everyone who took the time to meet us at the H&H Flatheads booth this year. And of course, a big thank you to everyone who chose 97s for their GNRS entry. Hopefully, this might give folks a few more ideas about how to use 97s on your own projects.


Throttle ball connection

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 09.21.03

We are often asked about throttle linkage ball connections for various Stromberg applications, usually from the pedal to the linkage for cable or solid rod throttle connections. We recently found one we didn’t know about from Dorman. It might be handy for some folks. Click the link to check it out..


Dorman Help! – Throttle Ball Joint. Part #: 41030. UPC: 37495410304. 3/16-32. Brand: Dorman Help!.