Stromberg Project Pontiac update

We’ve been hard at work cleaning the Stromberg Project Pontiac interior this week. And boy, after 38 years in a barn, it needed some! We basically just hit the vinyl trim with spray-can foam cleaner, a small brush and plenty of elbow grease. Then we dug out the old ArmorAll to give it a little shine and protect. The result? It amazed me. I mean, the back seat came up LIKE NEW. The door panels are real nice and the load area has really picked up. I also did the dash and window surrounds with rubbing/cutting compound and they have come up pretty incredible too. We still have the front seat to finish, and we’re testing a steamer on that to see how it loosens the grime. And then when we get the new carpets done, the trimmer is going to go around tidying up all the loose ends and fixing the split stitching on the front seat too. More news as and when…



Vintage Fridays with Stromberg Carburetor !

vintage-fridays-april-full_800We’ve got together with Stromberg dealer Sacramento Vintage Ford this year to help sponsor their Vintage Fridays family cruise night season. After a well earned rest last year, Vintage Fridays are back with a bang for 2014, hoping to beat the $8843.86 they presented to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2012. If you’re in the Sacto area, set your diaries for the last Friday of June through October and get yourself some raffle tickets. You could be winning some cool Stromberg stuff – Stromberg signs, license plates, and even a pair of new Stromberg 97 carbs with a linkage and fuel hose barbs!


Project Pontiac gets new floorpans

The Stromberg project Pontiac moved a little further up the road this week when Rick, our fabricator made new floor pans. The ’55 Wagon had sat in an Oregon barn from 1976 until last year when we bought it, so I guess a little rust in the pans was to be expected. They weren’t rotten through rusty, but the little perforations were clearly only going to get worse and the water was soaking into the felt matting. The car came with a felt-backed red plastic flooring, but it had become so crispy, it snapped into pieces every time we stepped on it. So we decided to take the seats out, remove the whole mat and replace it with some red square weave carpet, which kinda matches the pattern on the old plastic. We didn’t really want to swap the original mat out, but it was shedding plastic badly and by the time we’d pulled it out to swap the floorpans there would have been nothing left. We’ll post again once the new carpets are in.

In the meantime, here are some pics of the floorpan installation. Rick cut the old sections out and made new pieces, including all the correct rolled strengtheners. Once we had treated all the surrounding metal and hit everything with the smart weld-thru primer, he welded them in, sealed everything up, painted the top and undersealed the bottom. He also replaced the wiring cover strips on the outside edges. In case you’re wondering, that sheet metal lump in the center is the underfloor heating outlet.

Other recent tasks have included fixing the instrument lights as the rheostat in the switch packed in (we have jumped the power across the switch). We’ve bought a complete set of front end rebuild parts for when we fit the lowered spindles. New wiper blades. Oh and I’m driving the wheels off it. Kids’ bikes and dogs in the back, trips to the dump, you name it – everybody needs a Wagon!

Connecting a throttle cable kit to a Stromberg TwoStep linkage

Linkage 1We just uploaded a new article to the Stromberg Tech Center. ‘How do I connect a throttle cable to a Stromberg TwoStep Linkage?’ Cable throttle systems using our 9136K bracket kit make Stromberg 97 carburetor set-ups even easier to use. And this article explains how it all happens. To read it in full, click this link – Stromberg Tech Center, How do I connect a throttle cable kit to a Stromberg TwoStep linkage?

Our 9136K Cable Throttle Bracket is compatible with pretty much all Stromberg 97-based intake manifolds, though some Ford Flathead intakes need a remote fuel pump to work with cable throttle. It’s easy to install, of course, especially if you download our ‘How To: Install 9136K Cable Throttle Bracket’ instructions from the Stromberg Tech Center. Just remember to stick it under the rear carburetor on your intake. And note that on a 3×2 direct linkage, the bracket lifts the rear carburetor a little, so the front two carbs may need packing with extra gaskets (see our kit 69447K) for perfect linkage alignment. On a 2×2 direct or 3×2 progressive linkage, this is not a problem.

Aftermarket throttle cable kits should come with a fitting on the carburetor end of the cable which clips into a small threaded ball. To attach that ball to your Stromberg linkage, simply remove it from the cable end fitting. Remove the small black set-screw from one of the Stromberg linkage swivels. Screw the threaded ball into the swivel (clamping the linkage rod as with the set screw) and clip your throttle cable end back onto it. If you have a 2×2 linkage, fix the cable to the front carburetor. On a 3×2 system, fix it to the center carb, either into the swivel or (on the longer progressive lever) through the lower adjustment hole. Always check that the threaded ball clamps the linkage rod tight.Linkage 2

WARNING! Always double check that you have connected all of the linkages – throttle, choke, accelerator pump – and fuel lines correctly. Manually (and from inside the car), operate the throttle lever and choke mechanism to ensure free movement. Any sticking, binding, or ‘over-center’ movement in the linkage could result in uncontrolled engine speed, property damage, serious personal injury, or death. Always use a throttle return spring.

New Stromberg dealer in New Zealand

Hot rod NZ clipWe have a new Genuine Stromberg dealer in New Zealand! Graeme McNeil at Macs Speed Shop in Whitford, Aukland is our new man. So if you’re in NZ, and you need Stromberg carbs, linkages, or service & resto parts, you can call Graeme on 649 530 8920 or email him at This is a great clip from a recent Hot Rod NZ magazine issue featuring our new fuel lines. Thanks to Graeme, Garth Hogan and Paul Grace for organising it.