ALL-NEW 250cfm Stromberg BIG97 available now!

We’ve been talking about our new BIG97 for far too long already. But now they’re available. Here’s the press release to start with. And we’ll be posting far more (i.e. everything we’ve got!) in the coming days and weeks. Please stay tuned!

May 2015. New BIG97 makes traditional carburetion available to a new performance audience.

Stromberg Carburetor is excited to announce the all-new BIG97 Tri-Power. On the outside, it’s all Genuine 97 – the original hot rod 3×2. But on the inside, an incredible 750cfm air flow makes traditional hot rod carburetion available to a whole new performance audience. Designed on the classic Primary/Secondary format with many new and exclusive features, the all-new BIG97 Tri-Power is the perfect bolt-on for your performance small block Chevy or Ford.

with fuel

  • BIG 750cfm airflow – 55% more air than regular 97s
  • Signature 97 outside shape – No change!
  • New power valve circuits improve fuel conditioning
  • New ‘early plenum effect’ boosts top end power
  • Ported distributor vacuum adds mid range torque
  • Progressive linkages and classic 3-into-1 fuel line available
  • Runs out of the box. Pre-jetted for typical SBC/SBF

Stromberg owner, Clive Prew said: “With 750cfm in a three-carb package on a progressive linkage, you can cruise economically on the single Primary, then punch in the Secondaries when you step on the gas. BIG97s reduce the level of vacuum the engine has to pull to get the air it needs, which promotes higher air/fuel density. They also reduce mixture velocity which allows that denser, fuel-heavy air an easier, less turbulent, turn into the inlet manifold. Coupled with improved fuel conditioning, it all adds up to more power for your rear wheels.”

From the outset, Stromberg’s aim was to re-engineer the 97 venturi and throttle body to maximize airflow without changing the signature outside shape. But achieving as much as 250cfm per carburetor – some 55% more than a regular new 97 (at 162cfm) is only part of the story.

The BIG97 Primary carburetor has a new power valve, located in the fuel bowl. Feeding top end enrichment directly into the emulsion tubes, it significantly improves fuel conditioning for more horsepower on less fuel. How? Because the more it emulsifies the fuel, especially at high rpm when manifold pressure is low, the easier it is to atomize, distribute and burn. At the same time, an oval cut-out, just under the throttle plates (Stromberg’s ‘early plenum effect’ ) coupled with our recommended intake manifold modifications, boosts top end power by slowing the mixture down and allowing any cylinder to draw from both barrels.

BIG97 Primaries also come with a swap-in fitting to provide ported vacuum for your aftermarket distributor, improving combustion efficiency in cruising mode for more torque and improvements in fuel mileage too.

Finally, everything that’s made the Genuine Stromberg 97 so popular over the past ten years is built into the all-new BIG97: An early style cast iron base for low heat transfer. A reinforced air horn casting to eliminate warping and leaks. High tech gaskets. Stainless steel levers, linkage and springs. Original-style riveted throttle and choke shafts. And more.

Stromberg BIG97 Primary and Secondary carburetors are available separately or as a ready-to-run Tri-Power (one Primary and two Secondaries), with extra savings available on packages with Stromberg’s exclusive Small Block Chevy linkage and fuel line.

Further reading on all of the new BIG97 features and benefits is available on the Stromberg Tech Center at

The new Genuine Stromberg BIG97 Tri-Power is available through the worldwide Stromberg dealer network. Further details and help with installation is available at



New 6×2 fuel line solution

9080K-E 2

Say hi to our new fuel fitting. 9080K-E – Extended SuperSeat fuel hose fitting. Most people won’t need one of those – the regular 9080K fitting will do a great job. But in certain circumstances – mostly on 6×2 intakes – this is a great idea that solves a real problem.

On a typical Stromberg 97 3×2 set-up, most people mount the linkage with the sliding rod pushing the back carburetor open, but on a 6×2 progressive linkage, the sliding rods on each bank must pull the front carbs open instead, because of clearance issues with the back-bar. This WAS a problem because on a front-facing 3×2 progressive, the sliding rod (in the top adjustment hole) would rub on the underside of the center carburetor hose. You can’t move the sliding rod to a lower hole because the bottom hole is taken by the link to the back-bar. And you can’t swap them or those back-bar links hit the back carb fuel inlet! You may have seen pics of old school 6×2 progressives with slider rods bent like a big L shape to miss that center carb fuel inlet.

9080K-E simply moves the hose and clamp a little further out to leave a gap for the sliding rod to clear.  So no linkage interference and no bendy rods either.

Of course, there are rare instances on a 3×2 where the progressive linkage must pull the front carb open, and again, the 9080K-E is ready to solve the same clearance issues. Available at your local Stromberg dealer now!



Stromberg hits Rodders Journal Revival

So, off we went to the 2014 Rodders Journal VIntage Speed and Custom Car Revival, at the Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore.  For us, the weekend started at the North Baltimore Plaza Hotel for the 55-mile cruise to the quaint town of Havre de Grace. And even better, we caught a ride with our new best buddy Brian Auderer in his awesome green Model A sedan, ‘The Jewel’. What a privilege! After that, the whole weekend was a blur of activity day and night. The Race Course was packed with cars of awesome quality. The hotel car parks and the many off-site events extended the days into the nights. And as ever, we crowd-sourced a whole new bunch of friends. Our pictures are a little random, I’m afraid, and very Stromberg 97-oriented, too. I suspect we were too busy talking to take more (and better) pics. We certainly enjoyed the weekend. Get yourself along next year!.

Racing with Gentlemen

There’s been so much written already about The Race of Gentlemen (or TROG as it has been labelled) that it seems a little pointless expanding on the actual event here. Suffice to say, Stromberg was well represented in both personnel and product, with so many of the racers running Stromberg 97 carburetors, of course. I guess the big question is whether we believe there is change in the air. Have people (in particular an ever so slightly younger demographic of “traditional” hot rod types) had enough of parked car events and will we see more and more of this kind of trip harking back to ‘fun with cars’ – actually driving the damn things. We’re already climbing hills, racing round circuits, dragging in the dirt and dodging the waves on four wheels – who knows what next? Whatever it is, if it’s even half as good fun as the vibe throughout the weekend at TROG 2015, bring it on!

As ever, thanks to all the great friends we met and made over the weekend. Our pictures are just a rambling pile of different things that caught our eye throughout the weekend. For more of the same, check out the website:  and book your diary for October 2 – 4 2015. Wildwood, NJ, USA.

Stromberg Pontiac – Official BIG 97 Demonstrator!

BIG 97

The Stromberg Pontiac got a little update recently, in the form of some very cool period sign painting by our good friend Neil Melliard at ProSign. Neil is regarded as one of best guys around when it comes to this sort of work, and you can see why. This stuff is hand painted with good old One Shot enamel. We just told him what we had in mind and after a short discussion about styles and what was and wasn’t possible, we just left him to it. Two days later, we were done. And about a fortnight after that we got out the trusty red 3M Scotchbrite pad and mucked it all up! Instant patina.

Pontiac fans will recognise the period advertising lines. The rest are all our own. Look out for a lot more BIG 97 promotion in 2015. And more news on the Stromberg Pontiac. Great job Neil. Thanks! As usual, click on the pics for a closer look.